Yuuri and Lilith have a healthy romance

The girl I recently hired is mysterious is a romantic comedy anime that started late in the summer 2022 season and tells the story of tsundere boy Yuuri and his lovely but enigmatic new maid Lilith. The two have a strange but fun chemistry as boss and employee, and in Episode 8 things get pretty hot and heavy between them – at least by PG standards.

Yuuri can’t take his eyes off his hardworking girl and he once claimed that he was spying on her because he thought she was suspicious. However, his third classmate Tsukasa Gojouin thinks it is true love, and in episode 8, Yuri can no longer deny his innocent but fierce feelings. This kid is about to show countless teen rom-com protagonists how to do it.

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Even in earlier episodes, the girl is mysterious anime hinted at a more serious relationship between Yuuri and his enigmatic new girl Lilith, although Yuuri was initially in total denial. He’s a classic anime tsundere after all, and he hides his true feelings behind bravado and roars. Of course, the poor boy still grieves for his recently deceased parents. That’s a lot for any kid to handle, so of course it took him some time to adjust to Lilith’s presence and figure out what he really thinks and feels about her. Remarkably, Yuuri is already comfortable with Lilith around, and his amorous feelings have grown rapidly, to the point where his classmate Tsukasa drops by regularly to see how the romance is going.

In episode 8, Yuuri is ready to deliver. He admits that all of his time spent spying on Lilith to find out her secrets was just a chance to admire her at work, and best of all, Yuuri is sure he and Lilith are dating each other. have met before. In a flashback, Yuuri meets a girl with violet eyes and long, tousled hair, and he gives her a ring of flowers. Most likely, Lilith is that girl, and Yuuri wants to pick up where he left off.

In the final scene of Episode 8, Yuuri speaks to Lilith on the steps of his mansion and declares his undying love for her. He lists the wholesome things he adores about Lilith, from her smile and singing voice to her generosity and compassion. In particular, Lilith doesn’t say “I love you” back, possibly because she thinks it’s inappropriate or because she doesn’t feel that way at all. Instead, Lilith shows her dandere side again, reacting deeply shy to Yuuri’s unexpected confession.

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One thing is for sure: Yuuri has more guts than most rom-com anime leads, even those several years older than him. It’s a common trend in rom-com anime series to drag out the story and put off the confession endlessly, even when everything is in place. That could all be for meta reasons, like continuing the series to drive more sales, but that doesn’t mean anime fans will like it. In fact, it’s a common complaint that rom-com confessions are delayed because the characters are unrealistically dense or the story keeps spinning in circles.

Recent anime series bucks that trend, showing characters making their daring confessions in a timely manner, such as Raido in the Spring 2022 rom-com. Aharen-San is indecipherable. That confession happened in episode 12, not episode 100, and the episode even had plenty of time for substantial falling action and a chance for the other characters to congratulate the new couple. likewise, When will Ayumu make his move? stands ready to do the same in the upcoming final episode.

The girl I recently hired is mysterious now joins the trend, satisfying viewers with a timely confession of love, thus yielding some reward, while also giving the anime time to explore the “what comes after” of this confession. In a way the best love stories get started with “I love you”, don’t end with it, and the girl is mysterious anime knows. This show can do all sorts of things with this confession of love over the next four episodes, including Lilith’s own reaction.

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