Will Fortnite Add Doom Slayer Characters? What we know so far about leaks

Fortnite has had some of the biggest and most iconic crossovers in recent history. The Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass featured two of the most iconic fictional characters: Darth Vader and Indiana Jones.

They also packed Dragon Ball Z for a massive crossover and recently added DC Comics hero Starfire.

That’s why it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fortnite introduced someone. Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Peter Griffin would all be unsurprising now.

Doom has been one of the biggest game franchises for a long time. It has been popular since the mid-1990s and remains one of the most played franchises.

Epic Games already has a Gaming Legends series for cosmetics, so is a Doom skin on the way?

Recent Leaks Suggest Doom Slayer Skin Coming to Fortnite

If HYPEX, one of the most reliable leakers, tweets something, there’s a good chance it’s coming to Fortnite. Leaks are never guaranteed, but HYPEXs come as close as possible.

This leak suggests that a Doom Slayer skin is coming sooner rather than later.

Doom Slayer Skin Most Likely Coming NEXT WEEK@MidaRado made no mistake about previous collaborations and he just tweeted 3 franchise names (including Doom) claiming that one of them is happening next week. Doom 64 is now FREE on the Epic Games Store until the 25th! https://t.co/0AVmjqGEed

Admittedly, this first leak said it was coming the following week, on August 19. That’s long gone now, as September has arrived, but that doesn’t mean the leak is all wrong.

HYPEX hasn’t said anything about the potential Doom crossover since then, though it was linked to Doom 64 becoming free on the Epic Games Store.

The other franchises are Family Guy & Lord of the Rings. But I highly doubt it’s one of them just because of the timing of Doom 64 going free in the Epic Games Store & Doom skins on Fall Guys.

That’s often just as sure a sign that a crossover is coming, though it hasn’t yet. If HYPEX tweeted that something was coming to the game, there was a reason for it.

That reason is often that someone found something in the game files or something similar. Anyway, the skin probably exists and hasn’t arrived yet.

However, the timing of the Fortnite partnership would have been awkward. If it arrived last week, as initially expected, it would have been around the end of the season.

Chapter 3 Season 4 starts in less than two weeks, so it may not have been as long as Epic Games had hoped. With a new season on the way, there’s likely to be a collaborative skin in the battle pass.

In fact, there are usually multiple interacting skins in the battle pass, so one of them could easily be Doom Slayer. It would make sense in the storyline as next season will require help fighting off an antagonist.

Spider Gwen van In the Spiderverse has almost been confirmed to be in the next battle pass, as well as a few original skins, so a Doom skin is perfectly reasonable.

Spider-Gwen is almost coming next season (Image via Sony)

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