Why the streamer was not allowed to play

Fortnite doesn’t often ban players for no reason. They are known to have been wrong with bans before, but they usually fix them quickly. When a gamer gets banned by Epic Games for something that revolves around the game, there’s usually a good reason for it.

For example, offensive usernames are an easy way to get banned. Harming the community is another way. The community guidelines are very clear, so breaking them will be punished.

Sometimes, however, a ban or punishment encounters controversy, and that’s exactly what happened to Fortnite and Adriana. Here’s the whole controversy, explained.

Fortnite x Adriana controversy: why the popular streamer was banned from the Twitch Rivals event

According to Jake Lucky, the streamer was recently banned from Twitch after streaming with what must have been considered an inappropriate outfit. In the video, she wore a see-through top with tape to cover anything that would have led to an immediate ban.

Within 24 hours of being banned from participating in Epic Games’ Twitch Rivals Fortnite event, Adriana Chechik was banned from Twitch shortly after streaming with this outfit https://t.co/Zxk1gSy6nQ

Lucky also said she was previously banned from the Twitch Rivals Fortnite event, but the ban actually came from Epic Games. By that logic, she must have done something to violate community guidelines.

Adriana is a former adult star and many assumed her past association with the industry could be a reason for the ban. However, according to Lucky, that is not the case.

However, Fortnite clarified to Twitch Rivals that it was not for her previous work in the porn industry, but for the inappropriate references in the back of her stream. https://t.co/O9xlgapVVZ

In a response to the streamer, Fortnite said:

“We are so sorry [the ban] happened. The request to Twitch Rivals was to work with you to remove adult references from the background of your stream due to our game rating. We have no problem with you participating in events or streaming Fortnite.”

Their response lends a bit of clarity to an otherwise muddy situation. The former adult star was banned not because of her history, but because her stream wasn’t quite geared to a younger audience.

The game is rated T for teens, which means there can’t really be any adult content. If somehow it was rated M for mature, maybe it wouldn’t even be an issue. Even beyond the T-rating, Fortnite is clearly designed for a younger audience that Epic Games is eager to protect.

The Twitch Rivals Fortnite event (Image via Twitch) Edited by Siddharth Satish


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