Who should play the MCU’s Fantastic Four?

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Marvel Studios is letting the entire internet down if they not done announce the cast of the new one Fantastic four film at the September D23 Expo, despite all the signs preparing us to expect it. Kevin Feige even hinted that we may have to wait until next year’s D23 to find out who will bring Marvel’s First Family to life in the reboot — aided by WandaVision director Matt Shakman – who will launch Phase Six in November 2024.

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s up to us to enjoy ourselves in the meantime. So, while we endure the long, long wait until we find out who hired the studio, let’s don our casting director’s hat and imagine who Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and the Thing from the MCU. There are so many directions Marvel could go with the team, from solid but unexciting picks to really wild left field picks that might just knock the park out of the park.

So, given that, here are a few different variations of what the fantastic foursome might look like when they enter the ring late. And, Mr. Feige, if this gives you any ideas, we’ll just ask for a credit card credit (plus a six-figure fee, but we’ll discuss that later).

The predictable team

Fantastic Four Possible Cast: Penn Badgley, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Jason Segel
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Let’s start with a future lineup that we’ll call “the predictable team,” labeled so because it’s the specific roll call expected to fall at D23 before all the hype turned out to be for naught. Overall, Penn Badgley (you), Jodie Comer (kill eve), Joe Keery (Weird stuff), and Jason Segal (How I met your mother) would be an interesting collection of artists to bring the characters back to life, but after this roster was already leaked, it would now be somewhat disappointing if they became the official FF. That said, we’d love to see all these guys somewhere in the franchise.

The dream team of the fans

Fantastic Four Possible Cast: John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, John Boyega, Alan Ritchson
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Meanwhile, if you were to poll the Marvel fandom about who they’d like to see in the roles, the lineup might look something like this. The quiet place alums John Krasinskic and Emily Blunt are clearly Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s favorite fans for the longest time, with Doctor Strange 2Krasinski’s cameo only raises hopes that this can become a reality. Similarly, John Boyega (Star Wars) is a popular choice for Johnny Storm, and Alan Ritchson (Jack Reacher) is often credited as the perfect Ben Grimm. This cast would give the people what they want, but maybe not what they need.

The mediocre team

Fantastic Four Possible Cast: Jamie Dornan, Amanda Seyfried, Zac Efron, Seth Rogen
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On the other side of the scale, if Marvel revealed it Fantastic four was set to star this quartet, we suspect the internet is a collective “meh?” With neither meant to offend Jamie Dornan (Belfast), Amanda Seyfried (mommy Mia), Zac Efron (fire starter), or Seth Rogen (The lionking), none of these hires would be particularly interesting, as we’re not too sure they’d bring anything new to their roles. These four stars have been appearing in uninspired fancasts for years, so we’d probably all just shrug if they actually got the gig.

The so-wanted-it-could-work-team

Fantastic Four Possible Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Blake Lively, Jacob Elordi, Kevin Hart
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And yet, if Marvel were to lose their minds and fill the Fantastic Four with these actors, there would no doubt be cries of surprise and perhaps even outrage. But listen to us, because this lineup might just be crazy enough to work. Ted Lasso‘s Jason Sudeikis an unexpectedly perfect Mr. could be F and we would take Blake Lively as invisible woman about Gossip Girl co-star Badgley as Reed, thanks. Euphoria‘s Jacob Elordi might not be the one we immediately think of for Johnny Storm, but he could pull it off. And Kevin HartHis recent turn to more dramatic roles means he may just be our best shot for Ben Grimm.

The curveball team

Fantastic Four Cast Opportunity: John Cho, Jessica Chastain, Liam Hemsworth, John Cena
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You know what, it could be to Marvel’s advantage to ditch all the frequent fancasts seen on socials and instead head to town to reimagine these well-known heroes with some unexpected choices. . Cowboy Bebop‘s John Cho a brilliant but completely unexpected Mr. can be fantastic and Jessica Chastain definitely deserves another chance at a Marvel role after that Dark Phoenix disappoint her. Liam Hemsworth (The hunger Games) is way too late for a spot in the MCU after losing Thor to his brother and peacekeeper has proven that John Cena is a better actor than we realized.

The refreshing team

Fantastic Four Cast Opportunity: Dev Patel, Constance Wu, John David Washington, Terry Crews
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In the same vein, it would be really refreshing to have a Fantastic four cast consisting of these four actors. Despite Marvel’s increasing interest in diversifying its cache of characters, fans still tend to envision an all-white cast for the FF Restart. But it’s not entirely out of the question that the lineup could consist of people of color. Like, say Dev Patel (The Green Knight), Constance Wue (Crazy Rich Asians), and Basic principle‘s John David Washington, all of which would be great additions to the franchise. And Terry Crews as Ben Grimm – you can totally see it, right?

The internet-breaking team

Fantastic Four Possible Cast: Rege-Jean Page, Jennifer Lawrence, Rudy Pankow, Dwayne Johnson
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However, if Marvel’s sole purpose in casting the Fantastic Four was to make headlines, then they absolutely should be casting these guys as social media would spontaneously ignite if the studio revealed this lineup. Imagine Bridgerton heartbreaker Regé-Jean Page hired as Reed out of nowhere? Or X-Men alumna Jennifer Lawrence randomly returning to the Marvel multiverse as Sue? In the meantime, outer benches favorite Rudy Pankow has plenty of wild supporters, while the hilarity of casting the real Rock as the rock-based The Thing speaks for itself.

We have made our choices clear. Now it’s up to you, Feige…

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