What makes Idolish7 a unique male idol anime?

When someone thinks of watching an idol anime, it’s usually the first one that pops up Love life! School Idol Project and the various spin-offs. Others that may appear are: Zombie Land Saga and Aikatsu! Idol activity. However, male idol anime has also seen a breakthrough in the genre, including: Uta no Prince-sama, Shounen Hollywood, Star-Myu and the hilarious Sekkou guys.

However, despite their high ratings and reception, they all pale in comparison to another male idol anime known as IDOLiSH7. With the second half of the third season on the way, it continues to outdo the aforementioned idol series for its realistic portrayal of what it takes to make it big.

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IDOLiSH7 Approaches Fame Different Than Many Idol Anime

Based on the 2015 rhythm game of the same name, IDOLiSH7 focuses on a woman named Tsumugi Takanashi, who is unexpectedly assigned to lead her father’s new idol group, made up of seven young men who all have their own ambitions and personal problems.

Although this may seem like the male version of Love life! School Idol Project or any other reverse harem anime, it’s actually far from it. Instead, it looks at each of the characters and what they went through to become idols, showing that fame isn’t always everything – nor is it easy to obtain and deal with. But several other factors make IDOLiSH7 stand out too.

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The boys didn’t succeed right away

The battle of the idol group in IDOLiSH7 are first demonstrated near the beginning of the story. unlike love lives Honoka, Kotori and Umi, the guys here are constantly trying to produce their first successful debut. For example, not even ten people come to their first performance, despite Tsumugi’s efforts to secure thousands.

Although the group seems to be very happy, Tsumugi feels humiliated. This shows how the road to idol-hood is not an easy one, and all seven of them had to work together to achieve something – something that is all too well known in the real music industry. Another setback the group faces is when one of their numbers is stolen from them by a rival company, but nevertheless they manage to get through it.

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The members of IDOLiSH7 have drama

Even though the boys are in IDOLiSH7 might have to work together, it doesn’t mean they always get along – and they can argue over the smallest things. This becomes apparent when two of them decide to become their own duo, much to the chagrin of the other members. While this is due to the group having a hard time merging as one, this drawback shows how difficult it can be in the world of entertainment.

However, these fights don’t necessarily have to be about serious topics, and some can even be playful. These random, comedic moments provide a great balance to the boys’ relationships and show their development as both business partners and friends.

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The manager of the group Tsumugi is more than a surrogate for the public

While many are quick to assume that Tsumugi is just a self-insert or love interest to the guys, that’s not the case in IDOLiSH7. As a manager, it’s essential that she keeps the group under control – and Tsumugi, unlike her cheerful and lively personality, isn’t afraid to get serious with them when the need arises. Despite the various shortcomings of the idol group, she remains hopeful that one day they will achieve success.

In addition to being able to keep the group going, Tsumugi is extremely talented in set design, a much needed factor to achieve the desired effect of a live show. She’s also responsible for announcing their first concert, and while it wasn’t a success, the boys wouldn’t have survived and gained their first few fans without her.

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