What Goh’s Pokémon Masters Tournament Team Would Look Like

Since its introduction to the franchise in Pokemon Journeys: The Series, Goh has proven to be an avid collector of Pokémon. With over 100 Pokémon under his belt, Goh is on a journey to try and catch the Legendary Pokémon Mew. Goh’s experience with Pokémon battles has witnessed many fantastic events and still leaves a lot to be desired.

While Ash has promised to become a true Pokémon master someday, Goh just wants to catch one of every Pokémon imaginable. He has already made considerable progress. Despite there being 905 confirmed species of Pokémon, with no doubt more on the way given the franchise’s massive success, Goh has managed to capture a wide variety, including some legendary ones. But if Goh were to compete in the Masters’ Tournament, all you need to do is look at his vast roster to determine the top six candidates for his team.


6 Inteleon

Being caught as a Sobble, Goh had become very protective of the howling Pokémon. With Sobble starting out as a coward, Goh would help them use hit-and-run tactics, leading to Sobble learning the U-Turn move. Sobble evolved into Drizzile and became depressed at first, but with Goh’s support, he came to focus on improving their combat skills. After defending Goh from a thief, Drizzile would evolve into Inteleon and become the best marksman on Goh’s team. With Inteleon’s cool attitude under pressure and strong accuracy, Inteleon would be an excellent addition to the team. By staying true to Goh’s side, Inteleon could have improved enough to snipe Leon’s Charizard from the sky.

5 Heracross

This selection could be popular with viewers, with Heracross being one of the more popular additions in the second-generation Pokémon. Goh had received Heracross after trading a Pinsir with Kricketina Kylie. Goh had done this to make his original Pinsir happy, since Pinsir and Heracross had fallen in love. While the addition of Heracross to the roster may have been fueled by sentimentality, Ash can attest to just how powerful such a Pokémon could be. Recognized as both a bug and a fighting type, Heracross is known for knocking down trees three times its size. Goh’s Heracross has a variety of moves, such as Megahorn and Aerial Ace, which allow him to defeat a wide variety of enemies. This is a trait Goh would need when confronted by Pokémon masters like Cynthia.

4 absolute

Absol is a powerful Pokémon that is often blamed for impending misfortunes. Goh acknowledged that this was because Absol could warn others of that misfortune and not because Absol was their cause. Goh and Ash had teamed up with Absol to save Lavaridge Town from an erupting volcano. Absol was going to be blasted by the pressurized hot water, but Gosh, acting on instinct, caught Absol to protect it in a Pokeball. Goh had offered to release Absol, but Absol would remain by Goh’s side. This intense loyalty and dedication to saving others would make Absol an invaluable teammate. While the audience has yet to see Absol’s entire move-set, he’s a pure dark type, which proves to be a good foil to Diantha’s Gardevoir and Gourgeist.

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3 Aerodactyl

Goh had revived Aerodactyl from ancient fossilized amber. Aerodactyl would rant because the restoration was interrupted before it was fully completed. Goh refused to give up the fossil Pokémon and helped calm the flying creature and caught it. Goh would then prove to be very adept at training Aerodactyl, as he was comfortable enough with them to fly on their backs. Aerodactyl has been observed with very powerful moves that his species would not normally learn on his own, an excellent example of Goh’s progress as a trainer. With moves like Dragon Breath and Iron Head, Aerodactyl can prove to be an impressive ace, flying high in the sky with the dragons of Iris & Lance.

2 Suicune

The use of Legendary Pokémon by other characters is heavily questioned. Like when Tobias defeated Ash’s team with only two Pokémon, which were Pokémon Latios and Darkrai. However, with that precedent, Goh has officially captured Suicune and Suicune has shown a level of obedience to Goh’s commands, so Suicune would qualify for this list and is an easy choice to add to Goh’s Pokémon Masters team. Goh had captured Suicune with no ill intent, trying to save the Pokémon from hunters. Inspired by Goh’s selfless actions, Suicune chose to remain as Goh’s Pokémon while still roaming the world, protecting Pokémon when needed. With such a powerful creature at his disposal, Goh can stand out from other pseudo-legendary trainers like Leon’s Dragapult and Steven’s Metagross.

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1 Cinderella

Goh’s first real partner, Cinderella, had been by Goh’s side since being just a Scorbunny. At first, Goh refused to capture Scorbunny, but he wanted Mew to be his very first Pokémon. But seeing how much Scorbunny wanted to be his friend, Goh gave in and set out on his new journey of catching every single Pokémon, much to Professor Cirise’s surprise. Scorbunny was constantly trying to improve, with Goh helping them and even teaching them a new way to use the Ember move.

After evolving into Raboot and working through their differences, Cinderace would reach his final evolution and help Goh survive the battles between the gods such as Dialga and Palkia. Cinderace is the Pikachu of Goh’s Ash. If Goh is going to compete in the tournament, Cinderace is the most likely person to be by his side. And with its speed and power, it’s a great addition to Goh’s dream Pokémon team.

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