What are the biggest flops in Netflix history?

With the recent cancellation of the Resident Evil series, we decided to take a look at some of the biggest original projects to flop in Netflix history.

Over the years, Netflix has released some of the very best and some of the worst television. In that time we have seen the will of Weird stuff, which started life as a small sci-fi series that was never expected to go beyond a first season, and quickly became Netflix’s flagship series and one of the biggest shows in the world. However, for each Weird stuffthere is a Cowboy Bebop.

Since the first Original in 2013, Netflix has released a staggering number of original movies and shows. Unfortunately, that also means there are a staggering number of projects that failed to impress audiences around the world, eventually ending up on Netflix’s dreaded canceled list.

There were, however, a select few titles that we had huge hopes for. These projects had the potential to be huge for Netflix, but as fate would have them, they would be remembered as some of the biggest flops in Netflix history.


Seasons: 1 | episodes: 10
IMDb: 5.8/10 | Rotten tomatoes: 67%

biggest flops in netflix history cursed

From the back of her time in the highly controversial series 13 reasons whyactress Katherine Langford’s next Netflix project was to star in the adaptation of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s Arthurian novel Accursed.

What we initially thought was meant to be a fun new adventure based on the legend of King Arthur turned out to be an extremely confusing series that couldn’t determine what tone it wanted to set and what audience it was intended for. in the end, Accursed was marketed to a Young Adult audience, but during the series it often flip-flopped from achieving the TV-MA rating to as it was mistaken for a fun fantasy adventure for a younger audience to enjoy .

Thanks to the marketing, Netflix subscribers can be forgiven for not understanding that this was a show intended for a more mature audience, because on the face of it, Cursed could easily be mistaken for a show handcrafted for kids and teens. Had Netflix properly marketed the show and drove home with the fact that Accursed If it was intended for a TV-MA audience, the series might be more successful.

Accursed has certainly earned an extremely loyal fan base that would have loved to see a second season, but the silence that followed the series’ release from Netflix was deafening, and after more than a year of waiting for news Accursed was quietly canceled by the streamer.

The Legacy of Jupiter

Seasons: 1 | episodes: 8
IMDb: 6.7/10 | Rotten tomatoes: 42%

biggest flops in netflix jupiters legacy history

When Netflix first acquired the rights to the Dark Horse Comics library and the works of Mark Millar (Millarworld), it opened up a host of new stories for Netflix to adapt into movies and TV shows. One of those franchises that we were excited to see receive an adaptation was Mark Millar’s The Legacy of Jupiter.

A franchise with huge potential, The Legacy of Jupiter could have been Netflix’s answer to Warners DC, Disney’s Marvel and Amazon’s hit series the boys. Unfortunately it was not intended.

There are many factors that determine whether Netflix renews the series or not, but in the end it comes down to the number of subscribers tuning in to the stream, and unfortunately Jupiter’s Legacy was unable to acquire the viewership for Netflix to justify a second season. It should also be noted that a lukewarm reception from both critics and subscribers would not have increased the chances of innovation.

There is certainly a hunger for more adult superhero content, as evidenced by Amazon’s flagship show The Boys, but Jupiter’s Legacy fell short and will remain in Netflix’s library of failed projects.

Resident Evil

Seasons: 1 | episodes: 8
IMDb: 3.9/10 | Rotten tomatoes: 55%

biggest flops in netflix resident evil history

When it was first announced that Netflix would be working on the first live-action TV adaptation of CapCom’s beloved horror video game franchise, Resident Evil, there was a lot of excitement about the series’ potential. Many fans, including us, were thrilled at the idea of ​​witnessing the chaotic events of the first few video games brought to life, and witnessing what could have been the outbreak and destruction of Raccoon City in all its glory. to be.

The final product was far from anyone’s expectations. You could have given ninety-nine percent of Resident Evil fans a hundred tries to write a script for a Resident Evil series and less than one percent of them would have given you a YA story. Sadly miscast and written, the one redeeming feature of the entire series was Lance Reddick, who himself was horribly miscast as fan-favorite villain Albert Wesker.

Thanks to very poor ratings, a terrible reception from subscribers and critics alike all led to Resident Evil’s eventual cancellation. In the end, the Resident Evil series proved that Constantin Films had to relinquish its rights to produce further Resident Evil projects and give a new studio a chance.

Cowboy Bebop

Seasons: 1 | episodes: 10
IMDb: 6.7/10 | Rotten tomatoes: 46%

biggest flops in netflix cowboy bebop history

As one of the most beloved anime of all time, live-action pressure has already been ramped up Cowboy Bebop series perform well.

Thanks to excellent casting, a complete dedication to the source material and the return of original composer Yoko Kanno, in the early days of production, there were some extremely positive signs that Cowboy Bebop would be excellent.

Unfortunately, upon the release of the series, it was clear to everyone that something was missing from the adaptation. Whatever it was that made the anime series so special and magical could not be replicated by its live-action counterpart, and in near record time, Netflix canceled all hopes for a second season.

What are the biggest new projects that are in danger of flopping?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

biggest flops in netflix history avatar the last airbender

One of the most beloved cartoons in Nickelodeon history, Avatar: The Last Airbender is also one of the most popular and binged titles in the Netflix library.

We’ve already seen a live-action adaptation of Avatar when Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan took on the project in 2010. The first live-action adaptation, critically panned and universally hated by fans around the world, was an abject failure.

There are many positives to Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Avatar, which includes an incredible-looking cast and an obvious dedication to the source material. One concern, however, is the fact that series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who were intended to serve as executive producers and showrunners, left the project in mid-2020, attributing a “negative and unsupportive environment” to Netflix.

We have high hopes for the live-action Avatar series, and if done right, it could be one of Netflix’s biggest success stories.

A piece

biggest flops in netflix one piece history

For the past 25 years, One Piece by Echiiro Oda has been one of the most popular fictional franchises in the world. So popular, in fact, that the One Piece manga has sold so many volumes that it has officially surpassed the Bible.

With dozens of volumes to its name and over 1000 episodes of anime, One Piece is without a doubt one of the most difficult anime franchises to adapt into a successful live-action series.

What gives us hope for a successful adaptation is Echiiro Oda’s involvement in the series, who has given his blessing to many aspects of the series, such as the cast, set designs, and story editing.

Fans are still extremely apprehensive about a live-action One Piece series, but like Avatar, if a live-action adaptation can be successful, Netflix has on their hands a great hit series with the potential for over ten seasons of content.

What do you think are the biggest flops in Netflix history? Let us know in the comments below!

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