‘The Unleashed Villain’ – Boruto Anime Episode 234 Review

Team 7 is unhappy with Kagura’s reinforcements in ‘The Unleashed Villain’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 234)

boruto anime episode 234, titled “The Unleashed Villain,” was basically about letting the good guys experience several hits to raise the stakes for the battle ahead.

With one of the hot air balloons exploding in the previous episode, ‘The Unleashed Villain’ kicked off the immediate aftermath of the recent terrorist attack. The Hidden Mist Village is in a state of emergency. I loved the way Chojuru took control of the situation. He ordered his ninjas not to let anyone leave the area where the explosion took place until a thorough investigation was conducted. There were traitors in their midst. He also came through towards the end of the episode when Kagura made the request to bring Team 7 to Dotou Island (more on that later).

‘The Unleashed Villain’ alternated between the hot air balloon attack and Isari breaking into a high-tech prison to rescue Araumi, his father and leader of the Funato clan. I think the episode did a good job of teasing what Isari is capable of. He knew how to use the powerful Water Style Jutsus and the weapon he used was more or less a sentient being. The sinister atmosphere of the scene where Isari’s weapon, in the form of a swordfish, moved on its own to attack one of the guards outside Araumi’s cell, was handled well. I look forward to seeing Boruto and the rest in a real fight against Isari and his weapon.

Another sinister scene involved a finally free, but severely dehydrated, Araumi drawing moisture from the surviving guard to regain his strength. I didn’t expect this episode to show the guard’s death (his body slowly turns into a dried shell) on screen. I loved it!

The Funato clan is all set to take over the Hidden Mist Village and regain control of the seas. Not only was Araumi rescued from prison, but members of the Funato Clan also started attacking beaches. They even managed to destroy an entire fleet near the eastern coast. I don’t know about you, but I think they were somehow able to use the Shinonome to launch a devastating attack on the fleet.

If what I saw was correct, it will be interesting to see how the writers will deal with talking about the Shinonome being used for attacks, even though it is being promoted to the whole world as a new power plant to boost the economy of the Hidden Mist to help Village. While Boruto took the time to realize that scientific progress wasn’t bad and it all came down to how technology was used, I wonder how long it will take Kagura to realize the same. He didn’t seem too happy with his village’s interest in science and technology. Kagura liked to focus on nurturing people to build a strong community.

‘The Unleashed Villain’ also showed that Team 7 was concerned about Denki. Ever since Denki and his team went to Dotou Island in Episode 232, it was clear that Denki’s mission would somehow be connected to Boruto’s. With Dotou Island near the eastern coast, it made sense for Boruto to be concerned about his peers. I look forward to seeing Team 7 and Team 5 work together to stop the Funato clan.

As for Kagura bringing inmates Buntan, Kyoho, Hebiichigo as reinforcements, I’m ready to enjoy the dynamic between those three and Team 7 on their way to Dotou Island. Kagura is all about giving people a second chance. Let’s see if his trust in the inmates (and his ex-teammates) boosts Team 7 over time.

I really think Kagura put Mystery Seals on them in case his reinforcements decided to step in. However, I don’t know if the Mystery Seals will cripple or outright kill the prisoners (similar to the Suicide Squad), but we should find out soon enough.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • Salad needs to learn a little medical ninjutsu. Seeing her take Katasuke to a Hidden Mist Village medical ninja to treat a minor injury made me feel sorry for her.
  • Do you think Shizuma will appear in the current arc?
  • Kawaki’s constant discomfort on ships made me laugh.

What did you think of ‘The Unleashed Villain’?

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