The Tragic Fate of Boruto Uzumaki, Explained

Boruto Uzumaki is the main character of Narutos continuation, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Boruto’s story, known as a genius, was destined to be very different from his father’s. Naruto was widely known as a talentless ninja and so his story focused more on him who worked hard, outperformed everyone and proved everyone around him.

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With Boruto, things are very different. As a genius, Boruto certainly wouldn’t be an interesting character by shonen standards. As such, bigger obstacles had to be added to the story to make his character more interesting. At the very beginning of the manga, Boruto was made Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s ship and since then his fate would have been decided.


Momoshiki’s plan

It’s no secret at this point that Boruto and Momoshiki are closely linked. After the latter came to Earth in search of the Nine-Tails, it was Boruto Uzumaki, along with the Kage and Sasuke Uchiha, who rescue Naruto. After a tough battle in which both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke joined forces and weakened Momoshiki, Boruto took it upon himself to show off his enhanced abilities. He went from a disgraced shinobi to one who saved the world by defeating one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Boruto earned his father’s recognition and was entrusted with a giant Rasengan who eventually killed Momoshiki. Before he died, however, Momoshiki gave him a parting gift in the form of Karma. The Karma is a powerful seal that contains the data of an Otsutsuki encrypted within it. Once successfully planted on someone, this seal slowly pulls itself out and Otsutsukificates the body. In theory, it is much like a compressed file being extracted and when the process is complete, the Otsutsuki can be reborn.

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Apparently, Momoshiki planned to come back to life once his ship, Boruto, was fully Otsutsukified. However, he hit a bump in the road. While Boruto had Otsutsukified up to 80%, his battle against Code turned out to be quite deadly for him. When Kawaki intervened, he eventually killed Boruto to prevent Momoshiki from taking over his body completely. To prevent him from dying completely, Momoshiki eventually saved Boruto by completing the Otsutsukification process.

The price for this was huge because it meant that Momoshiki wouldn’t come back to life now. However, Borutos recent chapter revealed an interesting strategy that the Otsutsuki has now come up with. It was revealed that Momoshiki can still take control of Boruto’s body, but the catch for this is that Boruto’s own consciousness must fade. So in the event of severe emotional stress where Boruto’s will breaks, Momoshiki can pull herself out and take over young Uzumaki’s body permanently.

The fate of Boruto

Normally, Boruto is known to be quite a stubborn ninja, just like his father. His willpower is quite strong and he doesn’t give up easily. Under normal circumstances, it would be nearly impossible for Momoshiki to take control of his body. However, under certain circumstances it may be feasible for him to take control. This is closely related to the fate of Boruto that Momoshiki once foresaw. Being an Otsutsuki, Momoshiki’s Byakugan is quite special. It even allows him to see the fate of the people around him and he did just before his death with Boruto.

According to him, Boruto’s blue eyes would one day take everything away from him. Anyone close to him will be deprived of him and he will suffer greatly. As the series progressed, Momoshiki made an appearance on quite a few occasions, reminding fans that the day Boruto will lose everything is fast approaching. In the previous chapter, Momoshiki again claimed that the most painful day for Boruto Uzumaki is almost upon us. Momoshiki also claimed that Boruto would like to give up on life and if that happens, the opportunity would be right for him to strike and take over his body.

It seems that the manga is quickly moving towards the point where Boruto loses everything he holds dear. This could fit in well with the time jump of the boruto series. Fans know that sometime in the future Boruto will get a deep scar on his left eye and take over Sasuke’s role as protector of the village. In addition, he even puts on Sasuke’s clothes and carries his weapons.

It is very likely that this drastic change in appearance will take place when Boruto’s doomsday arrives. For Momoshiki Otsutsuki, this would be the perfect opportunity to take over Boruto’s body, but this attempt is likely to end in failure, as Boruto was well in control when he fought Kawaki 4 years in the future. Nevertheless, the unfolding of Boruto’s tragic fate will be quite intriguing to watch and, as the author has repeatedly said, it is fast approaching.

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