The Princess’s Tea Party – Boruto Anime Episode 262 Review

Kawaki isn’t a fan of how Osuka handles Neon in ‘The Princess’s Tea Party’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 262)

boruto anime episode 262, titled “The Princess’s Tea Party,” continued the comedic vibe of the current arc, while also opening up Kae to her classmates.

With the previous episode where Himawari found out that Naruto had assigned Kawaki a secret mission to protect Kae at the Ninja Academy, I was kind of okay with the writers not dragging that plot point. Himawari was quick to tell Kawaki that she already knew and was willing to help him too. Although Kawaki initially refused, he had no choice but to accept Himawari’s offer. The guy knew nothing about the etiquette of attending a tea party.

‘Princess’s Tea Party’ had a lot of scenes that showed Himawari’s powers of observation. I liked how she helped Kawaki figure out who was responsible for ruining the cake that Kae made for everyone. Himawari’s skills will come in handy when she decides to pursue a career as a true ninja. I look forward to seeing how the writers will deal with her when she inevitably faces real danger as she tries to help Kawaki protect Kae from assassins. I understand that Kawaki didn’t want to involve Himawari in the mission because he didn’t want her to get hurt, but we all know things will get serious soon enough. They have to. Otherwise what’s the use of such an arc?

Now, I have to say, I expected some shady organization to hurt Kae at her party. But that didn’t happen. We’re two episodes down and we haven’t faced Kae with any life-threatening danger yet. So, here’s hoping that changes. Jonin keeps an eye on Kae when she’s outside. But when, as with Kawaki, there is already a child killer in the classroom waiting for the right opportunity to strike? hmm.

That said, the current installment did have some at stake, even if they were fairly manageable. Being jealous of the attention Kae was getting, Osuka decided to ruin the cake Kae had made. Kawaki and Himawari spent the second half of the episode trying to prove that Osuka was to blame. Again, we got a very low stakes story, but at least it gave Himawari and Kawaki a chance to work together as a team. And work well together. Himawari gets Kawaki.

As far as I can tell, it feels like the writers will use the first set of episodes to introduce viewers to the rest of the young students in Kae’s class. The previous episode showed us Eiki’s personality, while the last episode spent time fleshing out Osuka and her “friend” Neon Asakusa. My prediction is that some, if not all, of the students will play a part in helping Kae face certain enemies in the future.

Osuak’s talents seem to be acting. She faked crying in front of Kae and the rest of the kids after she was caught trying to mess things up for the princess again. As for Neon, her parents were executives at the Kaminarimon Company. So she had access to several technological prototypes. She used a drone to help Osuka ruin Kae’s cake. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neon uses some kind of device to save Kae’s life in an upcoming episode.

boruto anime episode 262 review
Kae recalls wanting to throw elegant parties like her late mother in ‘The Princess’s Tea Party’ (Screengrab: Brouto Anime Episode 262)

As for Kae’s development, ‘The Princess’s Tea Party’ allowed her to express her true emotions after she continued to blame Osuka Neon. There is a lot of pressure on Kae when it comes to how she should behave around others. The poor girl was even hesitant to eat anything heavy for lunch in front of the class, and resorted to eating a Yakisoba pan in seclusion. Hopefully she’ll relax a bit after finally seeing her classmates want her to be authentic to them.

What did you think of ‘The Princess’s Tea Party’? How long does it take for Kae to be attacked?

Let us know.

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