The new obsession of Naruto fandom is Boruto and Sarada’s imaginary son, Saruto

In a recent but eerie development from the Naruto fandom, Boruto and Sarada’s imaginary child Saruto took over social media. A blond-haired boy with the characteristics of both shinobi seems to be the boruto new obsession of fandom.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share images of the new shinobi and even compare him to his father and grandfather.

Saruto has the best father-son relationship.

Romantic couples in Naruto were evident throughout the show, as some relationships built and blossomed towards the end, while others were a little unexpected, but welcome nonetheless. Naruto and Hinata, Shikamaru and Temari, Sai and Ino, and Sasuke and Sakura were the ones fans saw from miles away. But couples like Choji and Karui turned out to be a surprise.

It’s crazy how Saruto is already better than Boruto & Naruto in any shape or form, the pinnacle of shonen, masterful stories, top characters, impeccable sound design, divine theme#saruto

Likewise, with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a few pairs seem clear. But even then, it’s too early to say for sure. Boruto could end up with Sumire (or maybe even Sarada?), and Chocho seems to have a thing for Mitsuki, as the relationship they share has gone through some development.

If Saruto has millions of fans, I’m one of them. If Saruto has ten fans, I’m one of them. If Saruto only has one fan, it’s me. If Saruto has no fans, it means I am no longer on Earth. If the world doesn’t love Saruto, I’m against the world.

However, if we only focus on the two members of the new Team 7, what would their child be like?

Naruto fandom is bananas about Boruto and Sarada’s son, Saruto

Sasuke as grandpa would be the funniest thing to see ngl. Imagine kid Saruto doing something like this and spending quality time with his grandpa while Boruto and Sarada are away for work 😂 #SARUTO #BoruSara

At the moment it is very uncertain whether Boruto Uzumaki will end up with Sarada Uchiha. There is only strong speculation that the two developed a secret love for each other and thus developed crushes. However, our knowledge of Masashi Kishimoto’s mythos allows certain conclusions about Boruto and Sarada’s son and his abilities.

The Uzumaki are known for their huge chakra reserves, and the Uchiha are a clan that seems to produce nothing but geniuses, again with considerably large chakra reserves. Their respective descendants, Naruto and Sasuke, are the most powerful shinobi. Moving on, the Hyuga have another level of chakra manipulation.

Boruto’s mother, Hinata, is the Byakugan princess. On the other hand, Sarada’s mother, Sakura, stands as the most powerful kunoichi in the series. So, by merging them, Boruto and Sarada’s son Saruto would embody the three strongest clans merging – Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hyuga.

Saruto would undoubtedly be the strongest character in the series. With the blood of an Uzumaki, a Hyuga and an Uchiha, he would probably be the perfect creature. Combining the abilities of his grandparents and parents (the full extent of which has yet to be seen), Saruto really would be unstoppable.

Boruto and Sarada’s son is said to possess a huge chakra reserve (courtesy of his grandfather, Naruto). He would also probably be excellent at healing ninjutsu (thanks to his grandmother, Sakura).

He would probably know many of the most powerful techniques and moves (thanks to his grandfather, Sasuk). Finally, he would be born with unique chakra manipulation skills (courtesy of his grandmother, Hinata).

Needless to say, he would resemble his parents in terms of genius skill and unparalleled ability. The full extent of Boruto and Sarada’s abilities has yet to be discovered, so right now there’s no ceiling on what they could achieve. Therefore, Saruto’s abilities would be almost unimaginable.

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