The mystery of The Seven, explained

Fortnite’s storyline gets more complicated with each step up to Chapter 3, Season 4. The Reality Tree has taken off from where players originally thought it was, and suddenly an unknown chrome-like goo has cropped up on the island; it doesn’t stop here.

The Seven, defenders of Fortnite Island, are also missing. With no one around for protection, Zero Point remains amenable to any opportunistic antagonist looking to harness its massive energy. While this comes up as an unwanted tangent in the otherwise Vibin’ timeline, holistically, it fits the lore perfectly.

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The entire storyline of Chapter 3 Season 3 is devoid of any extrinsic power – well, almost. While the loopers were out partying, The Seven have apparently been hard at work protecting the island from its ultimate fate. Now that they are missing, a major disruption threatens.

Fortnite Island is once again susceptible to external forces

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Since the defeat of the Imagine Order, the entire island has been partying. While everything seemed calm on the surface, the island was undergoing some changes. The scientist was the first to decipher the unstable nature of zero. Throughout the last season, Zero Point has sent a plethora of relics, and with each of them came a Zero Point energy shockwave.

This continued for most of the season until four members of The Seven, namely The Foundation, the Visitor, the Imagined and the Order, went missing. However, the Visitor and the Origin were later found in The Scientist’s Underground Lab, which helped him investigate an unknown sticky substance.

The Paradigm has been looking for the Foundation since he went missing. To confirm his sudden departure, she then scouted out loopers to scan the Fortnite island and look for the Visitor, the Imagined, and the Order. While the loopers were busy collecting the remnant of the missing members, when, without the Paradigm, they all went missing.

All that was left was a raw voice recording of the scientist stating that he was gone. The Paradigm soon realized that the zero energy shock waves were bursts, a galactic voltage signal. Unable to decipher the shock wave, Zero Point began sending flares even light years away. After this, the Paradigm also went missing.

This is the hand of the Paradigm and she seems to be taken like the rest of The Seven! At this point in the Vibin’ quests, the Seven are missing and only Paradigm, Scientist and Origin are left, but according to next week 9 will ALL disappear!

As of now, there is no one to protect the Fortnite Island, and no one has any idea about The Seven. Players have started speculating about how the offshoots of the Reality Tree leaked a goo that in turn transported the members to another dimension. The goo is rumored to be the same as the one that started popping up on Fortnite Island.

The theory links the goo to July’s Crewpack skin, Phadera. The pack loading screen shows two characters mirroring each other. According to the theory, The Seven is trapped in this realm, which appears to be made of the same stuff.

Despite all the speculation, the theory suggests a linear storyline connecting many of the leaks that have surfaced so far.


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