‘The Island of Treachery’ – Boruto Anime Episode 271 Review

Kawaki and Himawari view the footage from Neon’s drone in ‘The Island of Treachery’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 271)

boruto anime episode 271, titled ‘The Island of Treachery’, was all about the evil Hana who figured out a way to end Kae’s life on a remote island.

With the bad version of Hana (which I call Hana B) taking over the good version of Hana (Hana A) in the previous episode, I liked that the writers didn’t waste time showing what Hana B was up to . ‘The Island of Treachery’ opened with Hana B’s plan already in progress. She had somehow persuaded the Ninja Academy to let her take the whole class to a remote island for a day trip. Apparently it was meant to compensate for the kids not being able to continue performing in the school play during the school festival.

Compared to her more timid counterpart, Hana B is quite dangerous as a hit man. And I liked that about her. It’s about time we saw Kawaki meet someone who challenged him a little. Obviously, Hana B isn’t as strong as Kawaki if they were ever going to fight each other head on. Luckily for Hana B, she just had to seize the right moment to kill Kae to complete her mission.

The way she handled everything was impressive in my opinion. The first thing she did was get the kids to lose their tracking or search capabilities. She injured a student’s ninja dog named Kikuchiyo (poor puppy!) and then proceeded to destroy Neon’s drone. There was a boy who could use the Aburame Clan’s insect-targeting techniques for surveillance, but his range wasn’t the best. So Hana B didn’t have to worry about him.

She also played along with the rumor Sosha shared about a rogue ninja who hides deep in the island’s forest to keep the kids on their toes. She also caused the class to lose all the food they brought for the trip.

I loved Hana B’s statement about how she could have easily gotten rid of the kids if only she didn’t have to keep her cover as a teacher to stay in the Hidden Leaf Village. Hana B came across as a hit man who would do anything to obey her orders, no matter how much inconvenience those orders caused between her and her current target. Except for an action she did at the end of the episode, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Along with Hana B slowly moving closer to Kae, the episode also focused on Kawaki’s sense of unease. He knew something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He just couldn’t blame his teacher without proof. And while the way Kawaki finally realized what Hana B was doing was predictable (using the footage from Neon’s damaged drone), he at least got the job done to get him on track.

With Kawaki and Himawari chasing after Hana B (who had Kae hostage), I’m a little confused about Hana B’s endgame. Throughout the episode, she did a lot to maintain her cover as a teacher in Konoha. However, she was quick to drop that cover and even punch Kae in front of Kawaki and Himawari.

Was Hana B doing that because she had another way to get off the island? Or was she ready to play a deadly game of going after the students who were trapped on the island one by one? Predator style? But if her whole class was outright murdered, what was her plan to deal with Kawaki? hmm.

I look forward to seeing the students work together and give Hana B a hard time.

the island of betrayal boruto anime episode 271 review
Kawaki and Himawari confront Hana B in ‘The Island of Treachery’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 271)

I highly doubt that Kae is really dead. I think somehow Hana A was able to take over Hana B’s body to make sure the kunai attack didn’t kill Kae. I would be incredibly surprised if the writers took such a dark turn with the story and confirmed that Kae was dead.

As for the possibility of Hana A surviving the current ordeal, I wouldn’t be shocked if she sacrificed herself to protect her students from Hana B. I could prove otherwise, but right now I really don’t know how the Naruto/Boruto world could give her the mental help she needed.

With the current arc ending in actually two more episodes, I’m definitely really excited to see how the writers will wrap things up.

How about ‘The Island of Treachery’? Do you think Kae is dead?

Let us know.

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