The Funniest Pokémon Fusions with Pokémon Fusion Generator

Sure, Pokémon are awesome and all, but what if you could mix and match their traits to create wacky and terrifying creatures? That’s the appeal behind Pokémon fusions, which take two (or more!) Pokémon and mix their traits together, resulting in an incredibly cursed ‘fake’.

They are usually created by mixing sprites on web-based creation websites.

Several of these creation websites have sprung up in recent years, with one of the best being Japeal’s Pokémon Fusion Generator. All you have to do is choose two Pokémon and press the glowing blue “Fuse” button to receive not only a remixed Pokémon, but a terrifying merged scream as well.

The generator even references types, mixes names and allows you to “evolve” your fusion by swapping one of the evolved forms of the source Pokemon.

It’s a great way to pokemon fans to pass the time and see what horrors they can come up with. Here are the funniest fusions we’ve made in Pokémon Fusion Generator.

Mr Stly

Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Mixing Mr. Mime with anything else would be terrifying, but using Gastly as a body base makes it worse than we thought possible. mr. Stly is essentially a disembodied Mr. Mime head floating through the water pokemon world on Gastly’s ghostly energy, using Trick Room and Psychic on unsuspecting souls.

It’s enough to make any fan happy that Pokémon isn’t real, which is saying something.

Mega shape

The merger of Castform and Meganium.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Continuing the headless body trend, Megaform is Meganium’s face splattered onto Castform’s body. This Grass and Normal type looks like he’s ready to take a bite of anything he finds: his mouth takes up about 75% of the front of his body. Could a sunny form of Castform and Meganium fusion directly use Solarbeam? Perhaps for everyone’s safety, it’s best to leave Castform in its normal form.


The merger of Charizard and Roselia.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Rosezard is the stern looking fusion of Charizard and Roselia. While the reverse order made Roselia look something like Megaform – a giant head on a tiny body – Rosezard is much funnier.

The replacement of Charizard’s dramatic roar with Roselia’s bored expression, not to mention the transformation of Charizard’s hands into Roselia’s roses, makes for a surprising composition.

The best part is arguably the pointy feet of the fusion – how is one supposed to walk like that?


The fusion of Porygon2 and Porygon-Z.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

This is unlike any Porygon2 I’ve ever seen. While Porygon2 and Porygon-Z are so close in appearance that this fusion isn’t too ridiculous, this fusion adds just the right amount of crazy distortion that makes it look like it could be a brand new Porygon evolution. The story goes that Porygon2 evolves into Porygon-Z when traded with the Dubious Disk, which supposedly transmits a computer virus that gives him that distant look in his eye. This must be the part where Porygon becomes a Flying type – is it just me, or does it seem like he has wings?


The Fusion of Bulbasaur and Altaria.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Bulbasaur is going for a ride! For some reason, Grass types make for the funniest fusions. (Just ask Megaform and Rosezard.) Bulbaria looks like Bulbasaur stole a piece of Altaria’s cloud, tied a bow on the back of his head, and then continued on Cycling Road in Kanto.

Something about his little feet sticking out of the bottom of the cloud hits me every time. Altaria’s back tilt makes it look like Bulbasaur is about to fall, but that’s part of the fun of it, right?


The merger of Skitty and Mawile.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Someone, please give Mawitty some help – I don’t think he can see. This fusion is probably what would happen if Mawile’s big jaws eat Skitty, but Skitty got the upper hand and started running around with the jaws. While many people enjoy having cats run towards them, this may not be a cat you would like to see running towards you.

I keep coming back to the lack of a face: how can it see? How can it smell? Does it have a Lickitung-esque tongue it uses to slurp things up?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.


A fusion of Espeon and Lickitung.
Screen grab via Pokémon Fusion Generator

Look, it’s a new Eeveelution! You knew we couldn’t go through this list without including at least one Lickitung fusion — that tongue goes with just about anything. In this case, it’s the unfortunate Espeon who plays host to Lickitung’s tongue and very silly expression. Espeon is known for his psychic power and ability to sense changes in weather and environment with his coat, but it doesn’t look like Lickipeon will be feeling anything anytime soon.

However, there is no room for brain cells in that head, we think.

Want to make your own wild Pokemon fusions? Go to the Pokémon Fusion Generator and start experimenting with the creatures!

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