The Fortnite Goofy tombstone has amazed everyone and for good reason

It wouldn’t be Fortnitemares without the right decor or jumpscares on the map. This year, Epic Games took it a step further by adding Zombie Chicken, two NPC bosses, and Goofy Gravestones.

While Zombie Chicken and NPCs are self-explanatory, Goofy Gravestones needs a bit of an introduction. Although there have been tombstones on the island for years, these are different. Instead of mentioning who or what is buried on the spot, they hand out some humorous one-liners.

#fortnite Fun fact: Canny Valley used to have a hole at the edge of the map that killed many commanders (and thus lost the weapon’s durability). So many fell into the hole (including yours truly) Epic Games filled it in and added a tombstone like a little Easter egg.

They were added after the Fortnite v22.20 update and have become an instant hit in the community. While the exact locations of all these Goofy Gravestones have not yet been documented, their one-liners have been revealed.

What are Goofy Gravestones in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?

Take a femur, leave a femur?  What to say now?  (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

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To interact with a Goofy Tombstone, simply walk up to it and press the interact button when prompted. There is no limit to the number of times it can be interacted with during a match.

Further, for those wondering if interacting with them yields any XP bonus or special items, there is nothing of the sort. They have nothing else to offer except one-liners.

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