The best Isekai anime with unique God systems

The main character meeting their end on Earth and being transported to another world is a familiar story for anime fans. After all, it is how most isekai stories begin. While some may argue that the genre has exceeded its welcome, more isekai titles continue to hit the market every season. Viewers continue to patronize it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that many newer isekai titles are small attempts to cash in on the hype and popularity of the subgenre, making it difficult for really good series to shine.

The oversaturation of the market is forcing newer isekai to come up with ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Some titles prefer to use gimmicks, for example transforming their characters into monsters, demons or even a sentient sword. Meanwhile, others prefer to explain about the world construction and try to entice viewers with their well-crafted fantasy worlds. Sometimes that means fleshing out the creatures responsible for bringing the heroes to their glorious worlds of monsters and magic — and here are the best isekai anime with fascinating God systems.

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The hero is overpowered, but overly cautious Isekai turns into missions

As the saying goes, “You can never be too careful.” However, the main character of The hero is overpowered but overly cautious takes this to the extreme. Ryuguuin Seiya hates nothing more than taking risks or throwing himself into danger, and that doesn’t change after being summoned as a hero to save Gaeabrande’s world. Seiya develops a tendency to overkill his enemies, even if they are nothing but measly slime. He also makes sure to pack for every possible scenario, as well as extra reserves just in case. While his antics irritate the goddess who summoned him, they prove helpful, as the forces of evil in Gaeabrande also belie expectations.

careful heroThe world contains several gods and goddesses who live in a place called the Unified Divine Realm. Ristarte, the one who summoned Seiya, is a novice goddess of healing. These gods and goddesses are often assigned a particular world facing imminent doom, with their missions viewed as entertainment and broadcast publicly. Each world is categorized according to its threat level. Gaeabrande, the world assigned to Ristarte, is in the S ranking – the biggest difficulty there is. Completing these missions can increase their ranks, which also increases their powers.

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It’s God vs. Man in The Saga of Tanya the Evil

There is rarely a profession that perfectly matches a person’s personality. However, the main character of The Saga of Tanya the Evil fits his job perfectly — rejecting insurance claims. He literally feels nothing when his rejected client succumbs to despair; it’s just part of the job. A client who harbors deep anger at him, unsurprisingly, decides to retaliate and pushes him into an oncoming train – which ends up costing him his life. A being who claims to be God appears at the moment of his death in an attempt to win him over. He declines the deity’s offer and is instead sent to a war-torn world as a young, orphaned girl.

Unlike other isekai anime, Tanya the EvilThe titular protagonist is not transported to become a hero or a villain. The God, whom Tanya calls Creature X, wants her to suffer and turn over a new leaf, but she refuses; she is determined to overcome the deity and kill them for putting her in such an undesirable situation. As such, Being X continues to put her in increasingly desperate situations, while also giving her the strength to overcome them. The only catch is that Tanya has to praise Being X to use that power.

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I’m on a million lives making it all look like a game

Yotsuya Yusuke has a certain hatred for the world, and even more so for its inhabitants. He hates how people act, although he doesn’t necessarily do anything about it. When Yusuk is suddenly transported to a game-like world, he brings this attitude with him; he uses logic more than emotion to solve problems, even if it means sacrificing himself to save the others. Fortunately, their new world allows death. They will resurrect after a certain amount of time – and as long as one teammate is alive. They then have to complete a series of missions.

The character that can be considered the god in I’m on a million lives refers to himself as the Game Master. As the name implies, they oversee the game and issue the missions that the gang must complete, both to return to their world and to recruit the next player. While this may seem like a typical game at first, it’s more than that. The Game Master claims to come from a future where Earth is invaded and destroyed by fantastical creatures. The only hope of changing this path is for the heroes to overcome the trials through a series of game-style missions.

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Anyone can be the God in No Game No Life

The siblings Shiro and Sora may be inseparable inmates, but they have excellent playing skills. They dominate several online games with the username “Blank”, but after defeating an incredibly strong opponent in online chess, the siblings get a weird invitation. They accept and are transported to Disboard, where they can use their gaming skills to dominate others.

The person who sent the siblings an invite is Tet, the God of Disboard who loves games. His injunction, in effect, requires that every dispute be settled by some game. Despite the different races that inhabit Disboard, violence is not allowed. Only those who are good at using their head have a chance to see the world of No game, no life, literal. By conquering the different races and collecting all the necessary pieces, an individual can challenge Tet and become the new God of Disboard.

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