The best Dragon-Type Trainer in every region

The news for the coming pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet coming out on November 18 has not stopped, and many fans are paying attention to every detail announced regarding the game. A recent tidbit is that Hisuian Pokémon will be available in Scarlet and Violet, which is comforting news for fans worried they won’t love their Pokémon. Legends: Arceus on the new games.

The new pokemon games are coming and with it a new region, Paldea. Paldea will contain a large world with many tough trainers for players to battle against. Players can also expect Gym Leaders to return with different specializations from the different Pokémon types and one popular type: Dragon.


8/8 Kanto’s best Dragon-Type Trainer is the Elite Four’s Lance

The Elite Four in Kanto is shared with Johto and is called the Indigo Plateau. Here, Lance was once a member of the Elite Four. However, most of his appearances have Lance as the champion of the Elite Four.

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Without a doubt, Lance is the best dragon-type trainer in Kanto and possibly the best dragon-type trainer in the Pokémon world. Other dragon tamers in the game series strive to surpass him and reach his level as master of the dragon tamers.

7/8 Johto’s best Dragon-Type Trainer is Gym Leader Clair

Clair is the last Gym Leader in the Johto area at the Blackthorn Gym. She is also Lance’s cousin and has a bit of rivalry with him. Clair alone is actually a better trainer than the entire Elite Four. However, she could never become the champion because of Lance, who is the only trainer to beat her (not counting the protagonist of the specific game it is in).

Aside from the Elite Four and the games protagonists and rivals, Clair is the second strongest trainer in the Johto and Kanto regions. Players can even do a double battle against both Lance and Clair. This involves players teaming up with their rival, Silver, one of the coolest rivals in Pokemon. This double battle gives one of the best dragon-like experiences in the games yet.

6/8 Hoenn’s best Dragon-Type Trainer is Drake of the Elite Four

Drake has no known connections to other dragon-type trainers in pokemon but serves as one of the strongest trainers in general of the Hoenn region. He is the last member of the Elite Four that the player must face before challenging the champion and used to be a sailor. There are some implications that he was once a ship captain himself and the anime series as well as some of the manga portray this.

Many fans have theorized that the Abandoned Ship in the games was actually his ship once, and that was the event where his Pokémon saved his life. Which Pokémon specifically saved his life is unknown, but many believe it to be his Salamence, one of the best dragon-type Pokémon, which happens to be Drake’s top Pokémon.

5/8 Sinnoh’s best Dragon-Type trainers are the Dragon Tamers

Interestingly, the Sinnoh region does not have a specific dragon-type trainer in their region. The Sinnoh region games, besides Alola, are the only two game series that do not have dragon-type Gym Leaders or Elite Four members.

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Therefore, the best dragon-type trainers are the various Dragon Tamers that players can fight during the game. These are the same Dragon Tamers who trained at Blackthorn and who want to outdo the clan’s leader, Lance.

4/8 Unova’s best Dragon-Type Trainer is the champion, Iris

Iris has seen a lot of growth during the Unova games. Originally, fans know her as a dragon gymnastics leader, but in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, she makes it all the way to the position of Pokémon League champion, one of the best trainers in the world.

She is a character introduced quite early in the first one Pokémon Black and White games and has some of the most screen time of the Unova trainers. This is a fantastic experience for fans of the pokemon anime as they are used to being a travel companion of Ash so to watch her grow up as the champion of Unova is very special.

3/8 Kalos’ best Dragon-Type Trainer is the Elite Four’s Drasna

Like many dragon-type trainers, Drasna is one of the members of the Elite Four, but in the Kalos region. Due to the aggressive and powerful nature of dragon-type Pokémon, it is possible that she is the strongest member of the Elite Four, although the games portray and imply that the Elite Four are relatively equal.

Interestingly, she was inspired to become a dragon trainer because of the legends she heard about two of Sinnoh’s strongest Legendary Pokémon, Palkia and Dialga, which she heard from her grandparents who were from the Sinnoh region. Like Drake, she has no connection to other dragon-type trainers, but chose her path as a dragon-type trainer at a relatively young age.

2/8 Alola’s best Dragon-Type Trainer is The Rock Star, Ryuki

While Alola has no Gym Leaders, it has Trial Captains instead. However, none of these Trial Captains include a dragon-type trainer. Fortunately, a powerful dragon-type trainer appears in the Sun and moon games named Ryuki who happens to be a famous rock star.

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He gives the player a big challenge with his full dragon team and can be challenged in the Kantonian Gym. There are no official gyms in Alola; However, Ryuki tells the player that one day, when there are any, he will be the official dragon gymnastics leader for the region.

1/8 Galar’s best trainer is the champion’s rival, Raihan

Raihan is one of the cutest characters to appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield and is known for its powerful dragon-type Pokémon. He serves as Galar’s dragon gymnastics leader and is one of the strongest trainers in the region. So powerful, in fact, that he is considered the rival of Galar’s champion, Leon.

Although he is a strong trainer, he has actually fought Leon at least ten times and lost every time. However, this speaks more of Leon’s skill as a trainer as Raihan has been closer than anyone and claims that if he went to other regions he could probably become the champion. This means Raihan is one of the strongest dragon-type trainers in the world and could probably be an ideal match for Lance.

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