The best amorphous egg group pokemon

Since the Gen 2 Pokemon games Gold, Silver, and Crystal, each Pokemon has been placed in one or more Egg Groups, increasing the number of other Pokemon it can successfully breed with. The Amorphous Egg Group, once known as “indefinite”, consists of Pokemon with no definite form.

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Most of the members are Ghost-type Pokemon or blobs made up of several elements, with the exception of Ditto, which has its own Egg Group instead. Some Pokemon belong exclusively to the Amorphous Egg Group, and while there are about forty Pokemon in this category, only a few can be considered the best.


10/10 mismagius

Mismagius, which evolves from Misdreavus via the use of a Dusk Stone, is a pure Ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 4. Researchers, known as the Magical Pokemon, don’t seem to know much about it, except that its incantations can cause both headaches and hallucinations or happiness.

While some Mismagius have shown illusions in the anime series, this ability has never been explored in the games. Mismagius can also cast spells on people that make them fall in love, but it’s unclear if this ability works on Pokemon as well. It would be helpful for Pokemon breeders, remember.

9/10 muk

A classic pure Poison-type Pokemon, Muk is understandably known as the Sludge Pokemon. You’d think it would be deadly to be close to it, but it only causes people nearby to run a fever and pass out. It can quickly kill trees and other plants by touch, so it may be best not to be exposed to the stench for extended periods of time.

Muk also has an Alolan variant that is part Dark, but don’t let its more colorful appearance fool you. It is still poisonous, so much so that it is not recommended to touch it. That said, both variants are still a great amorphous Pokemon to include on your team.

8/10 magcargo

One of the few Fire-type Pokemon in the Amorphous Egg Group and the only Rock-type Pokemon to be exclusive, Magcargo was the first dual Fire-and-Rock-type Pokemon ever introduced. It was also the only one for several generations, until Carkol and its evolved forms, as well as the Hisuian variants of Growlithe and Arcanine, were added.

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Magcargo’s previous form, Slugma, is also the only pure Fire-type member of the Egg Group. Reportedly, Magcargo’s body was not always made of magma, and the Pokemon we know today is a byproduct of living in volcanoes for thousands of years, adapting to the environment.

7/10 chandelier

The latest in the evolutionary lineage of the first dual Fire-and-Ghost-type Pokemon, Chandelure, the Lure Pokemon, was introduced in Gen 5 alongside the previous stages. Despite being a Fire-type Pokemon, Chandelure’s fire doesn’t burn bodies – instead, it burns souls and causes them to wander the world forever, essentially sending them to a version of purgatory.

Chandelure may not look that terrifying, but the Pokedex entries and playable appearance in Pokken help elevate it. According to a 2020 survey, Chandelure also happens to be the most popular Gen 5 Pokemon — and arguably one of the best Pokemon based on an inanimate object.

6/10 Spiritombe

Spiritomb, a single-stage Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 4, had no weaknesses under normal circumstances before Fairy-type Pokemon was introduced in Gen 6. While not a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon, Spiritomb is a rare Pokemon in the games it’s been available in, of course, with only one of them in the wild per game.

Sinnoh League champion Cynthia also managed to catch one, which is impressive for its rarity. Spiritomb is also connected with number 108, as it is believed to be an amalgamation of 108 spirits, number 108 is in the Sinnoh Pokedex and has several other attributes corresponding to the number.

5/10 Elektross

Eelektross is an Electric-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 5 alongside the pre-developed forms Tynamo and Eelektrik. Curiously known as the EleFish Pokemon, Eelektross and its earlier forms are the only pure Electric-type Pokemon in the Amorphous Egg Group.

Eelektross does not have any typing weakness due to his typing and levitation ability, which can give him a significant advantage in battle. However, it doesn’t seem to be used very often. That said, it’s still one of the most intriguing members of the Amorphous Egg Group, even if the Pokedex entries aren’t what makes it so.

4/10 rotom

Rotom, the first dual Electric-and-Ghost-type Pokemon, is most famous for the multiple forms it can take by owning common devices. In Gens 7 and 8 it also took on a more important role, becoming the Rotomdex and later the Rotomphone, and can use possessed devices to communicate with the player.

Years before the meaning of Rotom expanded, it could only be found in a TV in the old castle. It is the only non-legendary Pokemon to receive the legendary battle music as its theme. Because Rotom’s type changes depending on its shape, Frost Rotom is the only Ice-type Pokemon in the Amorphous Egg Group.

3/10 Mimikyu

Mimikyu is another partial Ghost-type Pokemon, like many other members of the Egg Group, and is currently the only Pokemon that is both Ghost- and Fairy-type. Mimikyu’s actual appearance is said to be so terrifying that some have died from the shock, but the makeshift costume helps get around this.

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Mimikyu’s costume is explicitly based on Pikachu due to the latter’s popularity so it can make friends with humans and other Pokemon. In a 2020 survey, Mimikyu was ranked as the most popular Gen 7 Pokemon and the third most popular Pokemon overall – so technically it was able to hit its mark.

2/10 Wob buffet

Wobbufett, a fascinating pure Psychic-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 2, has signature moves all related to countering. It may be due to this specialty that Wobbufett, of all Psychic types, has the highest base HP stats.

Wobbufett also has the Shadow Tag ability, which prevents opposing Pokémon from taking out. While this is all great, Wobbufett has no moves that allow him to recover, instead he has to rely on healing items. Despite this, it is still the best Psychic Pokemon exclusive to the Amorphous Egg Group.

1/10 Gengar

Gengar is one of three classic Ghost-type Pokemon from Gen 1. In addition to the pre-evolved forms Gastly and Haunter, they are the only dual Ghost-and-Poison-type Pokemon.

Gengar happens to be one of the first Pokemon to appear alongside Nidorino in all Pokemon media, both of which are featured in the original game intro. This makes it the first Ghost-type Pokemon to appear in all Pokemon media. And for a final flourish, Gengar is also the only non-starter Pokemon to have both Mega and Gigantamax forms – so it’s clearly the best Amorphous Pokemon out there.

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