The 10 Most Evil Doctors In Anime

In general, doctors are seen as revered parts of society. They heal and treat the numerous ills of the people, putting to good use decades of study. In fact, many are at the forefront of scientific pioneering, constantly inventing new ways to save lives.

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However, there are many anime doctors who do not share such noble goals. Instead of improving the world around them, they actively try to make it worse for their own education or entertainment. Identifying these monstrous doctors makes it easier to gauge their most immoral procedures and how it affected their respective anime worlds.

This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

10 Kabuto was a master medical Ninja (Naruto)

Despite being one of the most powerful villains in the Naruto universe, Kabuto was initially trained in medical ninjutsu. This enabled him to transform his hands into chakra scalpels, cutting through enemy muscles and bones as if they were water.

Kabuto’s malpractice has served him in other ways as well.

For example, he spliced ​​the Sound Four’s DNA into himself to master an obscene amount of skills. It also increased his healing factor, allowing him to regenerate from just about anything.

9 Doctor Stylish Made Nightmares Possible (Akame Ga Kill!)

Doctor Stylish was the most important doctor of the empire in Akame Go Kill! While he indeed healed the most loyal servants of his country, he was also responsible for improving them. For example, her magnification of Seryu Ubiquitous made her remain a formidable threat to Mine.

The doctor himself was not slow in the fight. When he let go of the full scope of his experiments, he was able to transform himself into a huge juggernaut. Relatively mindless in this state, the only way to defeat him was to target his exposed human body near the creature’s forehead.

8 Szayel Aporro Granz was the principal investigator of the Espada (bleach)

Szayel Aporro Granz’s extensive medical knowledge made him one of the most terrifying doctors in the world Bleach. Within minutes, he was able to defeat enemies by shattering the organs of their voodoo dolls. This made him extremely difficult to defeat, especially since he was able to regenerate by eating his henchmen.

The only way Mayuri could overcome him is because he stuffed his body with extra organs to spare. Taking advantage of Granz’s hubris, he cast him into a nightmarish spell and defeated the evil Doctor before he could finish either Uryu or Renji.

7 Doctor Hogback was the morbid associate of Gecko Moria (One Piece)

Doctor Hogback was Gecko Moria’s most helpful collaborator in… A piece. He agreed to sew and prepare some bodies for the villain to implant fresh shadows inside. Together they formed a whole crew of zombie abominations ready to attack the Florian Triangle.

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Hogback’s allegiance was accompanied by a disturbing condition. He insisted that Gecko Moria implant a shadow into Cindry’s body so that he could take her as his “bride”. As a zombie slave, Cindry had no choice, even though her soul cried out for release.

6 Dana agreed to work against Meliodas (seven deadly sins)

Dana was a doctor in Britannia. Golgius caused him to betray Meliodas in his darkest hours, giving him poison when he needed medicine. As a result, this aggravated his pre-existing condition and ran a serious risk of killing him. Fortunately, Meliodas’ demonic physiology rendered Dana’s efforts futile.

Despite being betrayed and nearly euthanized, Meliodas forgave Dana because he suspected the man was just a manipulated pawn, much like the members of the Holy Knights. Dana illustrated that even the common people in Seven Deadly Sins can be damaged.

5 Neferpitou had their own form of surgery (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter‘s Neferpitou was the closest thing to a surgeon. Since their Nen ability was literally called “Doctor Blythe”, they were able to dissect or heal targets depending on the user’s intentions.

Neferpitou was so skilled in the art of healing that Meruem personally trusted them to repair Komugi’s injuries. Since Neferpitou was able to lobotomize a fighter to gain more information, they were just as capable of breaking patients as they were repairing them.

4 Doctor Londes led a cyber-based cult (Cowboy Bebop)

Doctor Londes was one of the most memorable villains in Cowboy Bebop. The leader of the “Brain Scratch” movement, his entire philosophy was centered on “liberating” cult members from their bodies and uploading their consciousness into digital space.

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A great irony behind Londes is that he didn’t actually exist. His real identity was a young man who had fallen into a coma against his will and could only communicate through digital means. However, he looked for others to share in his misfortune, which was a serious problem.

3 The doctor was one of the major’s best enforcers (Hellsing)

The doctor was an extremely valuable asset to the major in the… hellsing universe. An outspoken Nazi, he served the Millennium Organization for decades and was among the most powerful of its soldiers.

Since the Doctor was directly responsible for “creating” Schrödinger, he can by extension take credit for Alucard’s defeat. His ability to anticipate enemy actions and react accordingly provides a significant advantage before many of his battles even begin. It could be argued that he is more intelligent than the major himself.

2 Cioccolata was a doctor turned serial killer (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Perhaps the most deranged little villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Cioccolata was soon intoxicated by the power he wielded as a doctor. It forced him to experiment on his patients, driving them insane and beyond.

The only person who didn’t quite snap under Cioccolata was Secco, who became disturbingly attached to him. Beloved by his latest subject, Cioccolata agreed to adopt him as a “pet” who helped commit his worst crimes against future victims.

1 Doctor Garaki created aberrations for all for one (My Hero Academia)

Doctor Kyudai Garaki may have been a relatively minor villain in My Hero Academia, but he was responsible for some of the worst villains. By violently merging human bodies, he created nomu so powerful that they made top heroes wrestle.

Additionally, Garaki was responsible for increasing Shigaraki to a peerless villain. However, he first debuted as the doctor who diagnosed Midoriya as Quirkless. As a result, many fans speculate whether Garaki simply misdiagnosed him or had something to do with the young hero’s lack of special power.

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