The 10 Easiest Elite Four Members in the Series

Of pokemon Scarlet & Violet along the way, many fans wonder if the game will take the same route as Sword & Shield did and abolish the Elite Four in favor of a fresher outlook. One of the biggest challenges in any pokemon game is the last glove of the champion: the Elite Four.

While the Elite Four are an iconic part of the franchise, they’re not all created equal either. As Lucian van Diamond & Pearl got a 6th Pokémon and a few levels, it would probably be harder than some champions. On the other hand, some Elite Four members can barely make it to the eighth gym leader in terms of strength. Hopefully, if Scarlet & Violet has an Elite Four, none of them will be on the lower end of that spectrum.


10 drasna

Drasna is a Dragon-type Elite Four member from the Kalos region. In keeping with the rest of her region, she has no specific place in the Elite Four as they can be challenged in any order.

Most Dragon-type Elite Four members like Lance and Drake have some pretty scary teams that can take out a few Pokémon. However, Drasna is troubled by the tragic Unova/Kalos elite fours that have as many as four Pokémon at their disposal. Drasna’s team isn’t bad. She has a Dragalge, a Druddigon, an Altaria and a Noivern. Unfortunately, four Pokémon just aren’t enough, and the diversity of its Dragon types doesn’t include an answer to Ice.

9 Shauntal

Shauntal is a Ghost-type specialist of the Unova Elite Four. Despite having some powerful Ghost types at her disposal, she’s easily the weakest of the Unovan Elite Four and can’t be compared to Grimsley and Caitlyn.

Shauntal’s team comes with a Cofagrigus, Jellicent, Golurk and Chandelure. Her Pokémon are generally strong, but Gen 5 and 6’s four Pokémon curse doesn’t do her any good. The best Elite Four members also often have a way of covering the types they are weak, such as Lucian’s Medicham or Bertha’s Quagsire. Shauntal is unfortunately not equipped with a real way to deal with dark types.

8 Aaron

For challenging runs like Nuzlockes, the Sinnoh Elite Four is considered a nightmare. Bertha, Flint and Lucian all have the potential to end runs when things go bad. In fact, all three of them are among the strongest Elite Four members in the franchise.

Unfortunately Aaron is not among his comrade’s ranks Diamond & Peal Elite Four members. Aaron has a tragic team that somehow includes a Beautifly and a Dustox, two of the weakest fully evolved Pokémon in the game. Vespiquen is a fairly average Pokémon and his team does pick up at the end with a Drapion and Heracross. However, an Elite Four member cannot have two Route 1 Pokémon with such low base stat totals on their team.

7 Siebold

The Water-type specialist Siebold comes from the Kalos Elite Four. He is also a celebrity chef who has a nice conversation with the player about food before their Elite Four fight starts.

Siebold may only have four Pokémon, but at least they’re fairly high quality. Siebold’s team consists of Gyarados, Starmie, Clawitzer and Barbaracle. Siebold does have one counter for electrical types, but it’s not a great one: earthquake on Gyarados. Siebold can handle a few Pokémon if the player isn’t careful due to the hyper-offensive nature of his setup, but just four Pokémon combined with no Ground/Water on a Water team makes him very defensively weak.

6 Olivia

Olivia is an Island Kahuna and Elite Four member who specializes in Rock types. She advocates being the strongest Rock type trainer in the franchise. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much if her biggest competition is Brock and Roxanne.

Olivia’s team consists of a Relicanth, a Probopass, an Alolan Golem, a Midnight Form Lycanroc and a Carbink. Her team is inconsistent, slow, and doesn’t have many solid damage dealers. The Alolan Elite Four is one of the strongest in the series, but Olivia is a weak point in the group. Still, she doesn’t get knocked down nearly as easily as some Elite Four members of other generations.

5 Phoebe

Phoebe is the second member of the Hoenn Elite Four and specializes in Ghost types. The Hoenn Elite Four was never the strongest to start with, but Phoebe brings one of the more repetitive rosters in Elite Four history

Phoebe has two Dusclops, the pre-evolution to perhaps the strangest looking Ghost type in Dusknoir. She also has two Banettes, a Pokémon with decent attack but very poor mass and speed to back it up. Finally, she has her best Pokémon: a Sablee. Phoebe’s team is one-dimensional and highly repetitive, but the Dusclops and Sableye keep her from becoming the weakest of the Hoenn Elite Four.

4 Bruno

Bruno is one of the very first Elite Four members and he is the only Elite Four member to stay with the next generation. He was also the first Elite Four member to be introduced in the pokemon animation.

Bruno in Gold Silver is not a weak opponent, because his Hitmontop adds a lot to his team. However, Bruno in Kanto has two of the weakest Pokémon ever included in the Elite Four player roster: Onix, a Pokémon with a horrifying Attack stat that is knocked out by almost every decent special move in the game. This leaves Bruno’s team as basically three Pokémon: Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Machamp, all of which can be easily knocked out by the regular Flying type.

3 Glacia

Glacia, the second Ice-type Elite Four member in the franchise, isn’t nearly as powerful as its predecessor Lorelei. While the Kanto Ice user has a brutal and diverse lineup, Glacia’s team is repetitive and mediocre.

Glacia has two disappointing monotype Pokémon in Glalie, a Pokémon that has base stats of only 80 in each stat. Even worse, Galcia has two Sealeos in Gen 3, a Pokémon that hasn’t even fully evolved yet. Her Walrein is the only threat on her team, but it’s remarkably repetitive considering she’s already released two Sealeos. Not only is the team very uninspired with only two different evolutionary lineages represented, it’s incredibly weak.

2 malvac

Malva is one of the most interesting Elite Four members in terms of backstory. She is a news reporter, celebrity and was even a member of Team Flare before the team disbanded, which she blames on the player character.

In terms of her Fire-type team, Malva isn’t that interesting. Her Pokémon: Talonflame, Torkoal, Pyroar, and Candelure are the worst possible skill options available, and none of her movesets can handle water types. One large Water-type Pokémon can fairly defeat Malva by clicking a Water move four times. She is one of the easiest Elite Four members to deal with, and few players should have trouble taking her out.

1 Sydney

The Hoenn Elite Four begins with Sidney, a Dark-type trainer with a cheerful demeanor. He can actually be a bit tricky in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, but the Gen 3 mechanics made Sidney an incredibly easy win when he was first introduced.

Sidney’s team consists of Cacturne, Sharpedo, Shiftry, Mightyena and Absol. Aside from Cacturne, which has the same offensive stats, all of these Pokémon excel primarily as physical attackers. This is tragic, because all Dark moves in Generation 3 are special attacks. This means that almost none of its Pokémon have access to a STAB (same attack bonus type) physical attack, dooming Sidney’s weak team of physical attackers to deal very little damage when it crumbles.

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