The 10 Coolest Anime Snipers, Ranked

Being a sniper is one of the coolest professions you can have in anime. Those adept with long-range weapons have a significant advantage as they can shoot enemies from afar. With enough skill, they become almost unbeatable.

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Over the years there have been hundreds of gunslingers and bow users of various anime. However, only a handful matter when considering the monumental roles they played in their respective stories. Identifying the greatest shooters makes it easier to appreciate their achievements and what makes them so remarkably memorable.

10 Gabi almost never misses (attack on Titan)

A lot Attack on Titan fans disagree with Gabi because of her personality. To be fair, she is annoying, domineering and sometimes even bigoted towards her own people before being delivered. However, what makes Gabi so cool is that she never misses the shots she takes, and every last bullet counts.

Throughout her life to date, Gabi has killed Sasha, beheaded Eren, and shot Floch from the sky despite his skills with ODM gear. If the war had continued, Gabi as an adult would have been a force to be reckoned with.

Riza Hawkeye was everything you could wish for in a Fullmetal Alchemist lieutenant. She was reliable, loyal and had great judgment. In addition, her deep concern for Roy Mustang ensured that he did not cross any boundaries that he would not regret later. What makes Hawkeye especially cool is that she’s a formidable marksman who can hold her own in a world of chimera monsters and homunculus.

She doesn’t even need alchemy to get by, instead she relies entirely on her ability to shoot targets with a pistol. But considering how much Mustang overshadowed Hawkeye in the story, she’s not as impressive as other characters.

8 Hol Horse Was A Wild Maverick (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Hol Horse was perhaps the most memorable minor JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure villain for his bizarre, albeit lovable personality. Intelligent enough to realize that on his own he was no match for the Crusaders, he formed an alliance with a number of villains in hopes of defeating them.

Besides, Hol Horse wasn’t just any blind servant. He hated and was so afraid of DIO that he pointed a gun at him. To date, no other follower of the vampire has ever dared such a feat and survived the story.

7 Kidomaru was the fierce sniper of The Sound Four (Naruto)

Kidormaru was one of the few Naruto characters who used physical projectiles relatively well. Even more impressive, he was able to unleash so many impellers that he nearly overpowered Neji.

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What makes Kidomaru particularly cool is his design and skills. Since no character in the series has so many arms, he is clearly the product of Orochimaru’s experiments. Kidomaru’s monstrous existence suggests that the effects of forbidden jutsu have far more pernicious consequences than just tattooing the subject’s skin or changing their eye color.

6 Mine’s Imperials Arms is fantastic (Akame Ga Kill!)

Mine’s Imperial Arms is the most interesting of Akame Ga Kill! by its design. It becomes more and more powerful depending on the danger the user is in. About to be killed, she can defeat enemies with a single shot.

As a result, Mine is awesome because the nature of her abilities reflects what Night Raid is all about. She deliberately puts herself at risk to accomplish a mission and eventually dies with no regrets for her cause. Mine remains one of the coolest characters in the series due to the unique condition behind her power.

5 Masterson is a Big Fish in a Small Pond (One Piece)

Despite being a sadly minor character, Masterson is highly original. One of the only mentioned bounty hunters in A piecehe scours the seas in search of weak pirates that he can safely capture and cash in on.

While Masterson could easily target more lucrative prey, he doesn’t want to risk his life because his daughter would be orphaned. This is particularly noble and adds more nuance to him as an antagonist. Masterson is also effectively Usopp’s version of Mihawk an addition to Yasopp.

4 Snipe stopped Shigaraki in his tracks (My Hero Academia)

Of all the characters in My Hero Academia, few can claim to have stopped Shigaraki in his tracks. During the first attack on UA, Snipe did just that, saving many innocent students in the process.

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Since Snipe’s Quirk only aids his target, his low physics make him a natural underdog. If Snipe had as much screen time as other professional heroes like Mount Lady or Kamui Woods, he’d have a better reputation.

3 Mista was Team Bucciarati’s reliable sniper (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Despite wielding a small pistol, Mista could virtually shoot as many times as he wanted. He achieved this through his “Six Bullets” Stand, sentient ammunition that could deflect itself when hitting targets.

Throughout the series, Mista has proven himself to be the coolest member of the team. He countered Sale’s kinetic immunity by shooting him repeatedly in the same spot and defeating Ghiaccio by exploiting the weakness in the back of his armor. Mista was so adept at his craft that he was one of the few characters to survive act five.

2 Coyote Starrk was lonely at the top (bleach)

Coyote Starrk, labeled the strongest Espada by Aizen herself, is one of the coolest and most complex antagonists in Bleach. Unlike his cohorts, he does not desire power or rule. Instead, he simply seeks company, as the other residents of Las Noches were too weak to share his presence.

Capable of firing ceros at disorienting speed, it took Captain Shunsui’s most dishonorable tactics and greatest reflexes to bring Starrk down. Ironically, Starrk was not the aggressor in the fight; in fact, he never preemptively attacked a single shinigami.

1 Spike Spiegel was a legendary bounty hunter (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel, a flawed albeit charismatic villain, was the protagonist of Cowboy Bebop. As a fighter, Spike often used his opponents’ strength against them when defeating them in hand-to-hand combat.

Spike was an even better marksman than a martial artist. At the end of the series, he single-handedly took out the syndicate’s most fortified capital with only two pistols and a few explosives. Though he died in the process, Spike avenged Julia and ended Vicious’s reign of terror for good.

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