The 10 Best Parents in Boruto, Ranked

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations adds a lot to the iconic world of Naruto, but one of the best things about the series is that the fan favorites all grew up with their own families. Family has always been an important part of the franchise, whether they are blood relatives or a family that has been chosen. Mentors and parental figures often play a major role, with many of the original genin finding support and strength through them.

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Now that the Naruto cast has become parents themselves, it’s their turn to give their support to the new generation. While not all of them excel at this, many others have embraced their new roles wholeheartedly and are the best examples of parenting in the series.

10 Sai grows into a loving and supportive father to Inojin

It’s hard to imagine Sai as one of the best fathers of the… Naruto cast, but he’s grown a lot since his introduction back in Naruto Shippuden. He is a much more empathetic and caring person, and this is highly reflected in his parenting style.

Sai supports Inojin by doing anything and everything from helping him train to become a stronger ninja to rekindling his passion for hobbies. Whatever his son needs, Sai is by his side, helping him every step of the way. As one who once had little concern or compassion for others, Sai has come such a long way since becoming a father.

9 Ino lets her son be his own person

Although Sai has a very practical parenting style, Ino tends to sit back and let Inojin make his own decisions. She gives him all the guidance he needs, but when it comes down to it, Ino gives her son room to grow and become an individual.

Coupled with Sai’s support, the two have given Inojin everything he needs to become a good Shinobi and a general person. They went through many obstacles as a family, but it has brought them together as a family and ultimately made them stronger.

8 Choji is a positive force in his daughter’s life

Choji Akamichi has proven to fans over the years that he is much more than a cartoon character. Since he’s gotten older, he’s shown that he can be just as great a mentor as those of the past.

There is no doubt that Choji is a fun father to have, but he takes his role as Chocho’s father very seriously. He instilled pride in her, allowing her to exude the confidence for which fans have come to know her. He is a great support in the life of his daughter and her biggest cheerleader, and thanks to his amazing parenting skills, she is sure to be raised well.

7 Temari is the one who keeps her family going

Temari and Shikamaru are undoubtedly one of the best parenting duos in boruto. However, it is Temari herself who keeps her small family going and on track. Her tough, no-nonsense attitude fits perfectly with Shikamaru’s laid-back style and gives Shikadai the best of both worlds when it comes to parenting.

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She ensures that Shikadai has everything he needs in life and provides structure to their household that would otherwise be missing. Though she may be strict, her toughness stems from a place of love, and it helps transform Shikadai into a respectable young man.

6 Rock Lee raises his son the way Might Guy raised him

It goes without saying that Rock Lee’s mentor, Might Guy, is the most important influence in his life. From an early age, he has always strived to be like him, and even now, as an adult, he does everything he can to emulate his beloved sensei.

Now a father and mentor, Rock Lee rises and encourages his timid son Metal, just as Guy once did before him. Although he and his son have very different personalities, Rock Lee is still an incredibly supportive father, encouraging his son and helping him overcome his fear step by step.

5 Hinata acts as a mainstay for the Uzumaki . family

It’s no secret that Naruto isn’t exactly the best dad out there. Fortunately, the Uzumaki Hinata family has to roll up their sleeves and take care of the children as he becomes completely absorbed in Hokage’s work. Naruto’s job puts pressure on his family, but Hinata’s support keeps Boruto and Himawari grounded, even when the going gets tough.

She is hardworking, caring and gentle, and while Naruto’s position probably makes it harder for her, she never complains and always does her part to keep her family happy and healthy. Without her, it is impossible to say where the Uzumaki family would be.

4 Kurenai is a widow and a single mother, but that doesn’t stop her

Kurenai Yuhi has not had the easiest life as a parent. After tragically losing Azuma without warning, she had to give birth on her own and raise their daughter.

Despite her shortcomings, she has been a wonderful mother to Mirai from the start. Whatever pain or suffering she goes through, Kurenai has always made sure to be there for her daughter, and as a result, Mirai has grown into a fine young lady and a thriving Shinobi that Azuma would be proud of.

3 Orochimaru is a surprisingly wonderful parent

Given his dark past, it’s hard to imagine Orochimaru as anything other than sinister and cruel. However, he is actually one of the best parents of them all boruto. Despite everything, Orochimaru seems to have some good in him, especially when it comes to Mitsuki’s parenting.

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Instead of using him as a minion like many others in the past, Orochimaru encourages Mitsuki to become his own person and do better than he has done. He even sends him to Konoha to get a good education and embraces his friendship with Boruto and Sarada. Orochimaru may have been one of the worst villains in the past, but parenthood seems to have softened him.

2 Shikamaru follows his own father when it comes to parenting

Shikamaru Nara may be notorious for his laziness and indifference, but his role as a parent is another story. Although most jobs are a hindrance to him, he takes parenting very seriously and does whatever it takes to care for and raise him well.

He has a much more laid-back parenting style than Temari, which ensures a good balance between the couple and healthy dynamics within their family. He also helped Kurenai babysit Mirai, so he has gained a lot of experience with children over the years, which makes him well prepared for fatherhood.

1 Sakura’s character has blossomed since becoming a mother

Many fans like to criticize Sakura for her disappointing role in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, with many claiming it is useless or has no development. Whether that’s true or not, there’s no denying that she’s finally becoming a strong and independent character after becoming a mother. Since Sasuke left for his reconciliation journey, Sakura has single-handedly raised their daughter Sarada, while still working as a medical ninja and head of the medical department.

Sakura is hardworking and independent, yet gentle and caring for her daughter so that she has everything she needs. Thanks to her love, support and encouragement, Sarada has become a strong and ambitious young ninja who proudly carries on the legacy of Uchiha.

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