Fortnite cautiously avoids ties to Qatari Soccer World Cup

Image: Epic The current men’s football world cup in Qatar feels like the clearest example of everything that is wrong in the world. From its origins in a bribery scandal to the horrific death of thousands from migrant workers to make it happen, to the international support for the contest despite being held in a … Read more

Secretlab’s Fortnite Battle Bus seat is comfortable, if a little big

Image: secret lab Look, I can’t break new ground on ‘the gamer chair’. They are known: colossal, pricey and often showy statements from Fortnite braveryfilled up with locks of Ninja’s blue hair (may we remember it with love) for luck. To accept the gamer chair is to accept the implication of Dorito fabric. Until know … Read more

We are saddened to report that somehow Fortnite is still very good

Fortnite! There is now a roller coaster.Image: epic games Every Friday, AV club staffers start our weekly open thread discussing game plans and recent gaming glory, but the real action, of course, is in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What are you playing this weekend? The frustrating of Fortnite– … Read more