How do Fortnite Stats trackers work? Explained

Lately, there’s been an awakening in the gaming community about data-driven actions, and Fortnite isn’t devoid of one either. Players who visit the game for something more than just entertainment have come to realize the importance of historical statistics and how it affects their gameplay. While many simply enjoy the Battle Royale and other modes … Read more

Fortnite streamer Mikey accuses fellow streamer Bianca of being abusive and manipulative, shares the latter’s homophobic and racist comments

On October 7, Fortnite Twitch streamer Mikey6 (aka Mikey) took to Twitter to share his story in which he revealed that co-developer of Twitch content Bianca had been abusive and manipulative during their previous relationship. Mikey6 posted a 413 word TwitLonger message saying he had an “on and off toxic relationship” with Bianca and that … Read more