Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has a haunted house

Ghosttober is here and Fortnite is getting creepier by the day. Popular for its established aptitude for Halloween and all things spooky, the game goes beyond the annual Fortnitemares and creepy cosmetic items. The island now has a haunted house and it beckons for loopers. Fortnite update v22.10 brought a lot of changes. The almighty … Read more

How do Fortnite Stats trackers work? Explained

Lately, there’s been an awakening in the gaming community about data-driven actions, and Fortnite isn’t devoid of one either. Players who visit the game for something more than just entertainment have come to realize the importance of historical statistics and how it affects their gameplay. While many simply enjoy the Battle Royale and other modes … Read more

Can you still get the Minty Pickaxe in Fortnite from 2022?

With the holiday season fast approaching, players have once again started asking if they can still get the Minty Pickaxe in Fortnite. The coveted harvesting tool has a devoted fan base who are always looking for a chance to beat it. The fact that players are still asking for it three years after launch is … Read more

Where is the No Sweat insurance in Fortnite?

Over the years, the Fortnite map has received a plethora of updates and many new POIs and landmarks have been introduced in different seasons and chapters. While the island is refreshed with each chapter, many fan-favorite locations are often preserved; No Sweat Insurance is one such milestone. Located in the heart of Tilted Towers, No … Read more

The mystery of The Seven, explained

Fortnite’s storyline gets more complicated with each step up to Chapter 3, Season 4. The Reality Tree has taken off from where players originally thought it was, and suddenly an unknown chrome-like goo has cropped up on the island; it doesn’t stop here. The Seven, defenders of Fortnite Island, are also missing. With no one … Read more

Is Geno the final boss for Chapter 3 Season 3? Lore explained

Fortnite players are familiar with Geno, the founder of the Imagined Order and the primary antagonist of the storyline. The Collision Live Event revealed the popular character at the end of Chapter 3 Season 2. At the moment, the video game storyline focuses on the Reality Tree and its expansion. However, it looks like the … Read more