Any free reward that you can redeem before the live event

There’s just over a week left before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 comes to an end. Obviously, players have very little time to unlock all of their Battle Pass rewards. However, there is also good news for free-to-play players. Epic Games has introduced several rewards in recent weeks. If gamers haven’t bought the Battle Pass … Read more

How to get Joni The Red Fortnite Crew pack

Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to a close, and with it comes a brand new crew pack for December. Last month’s crew pack featuring the infamous Grim Gables NPC The Inkquisitor received mixed reviews. Since Fortnite Crew was introduced (2020), it gives players a Cosmetic set, 1000 V-Bucks and the Season’s Battle Pass or 950 … Read more

How EvoChrome weapons can evolve twice in one match

With Fortnite Chapter 4 just over the horizon, the future of EvoChrome weapons is uncertain. In all likelihood, they will be vaulted once this stage of the storyline ends. Before this can happen, developers want players to use their favorite EvoChrome weapon and develop it in-game. Spotting an EvoChrome weapon is easy in the game … Read more

New episode and game trailer disappoint everyone

Fortnite and Netflix Stranger things have collaborated on many different occasions. With Stranger Things Day yesterday, November 6, many gamers expected the creators to announce another crossover with Epic Games’ hit Battle Royale. They had recently teased something about the Creative Hub and other nods to aspects of the hit show’s fourth season. Stranger Things … Read more

Is a Gustavo Fring Fortnite skin in the works? Explained

Will there be a Gustavo Fring Fortnite skin? Officially, there is no information to support the claim. The skin would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the game, but for now we only have rumors and speculation. While nothing is certain, the search term “Gustavo Fring Fortnite skin” has been trending for quite some time … Read more

What are account levels in Fortnite? Explain the difference between account levels and season levels

Getting levels in Fortnite is by far the most important part of the game. With each seasonal Battle Pass awarding rewards up to level 200, it’s a tough race to get there before the season ends. Each level requires 80,000 XP to complete this time, bringing the total to 16,000,000 XP. That said, players should … Read more

6 Times Epic Games Made Big Mistakes Regarding Their Game

Fortnite has built one of the strongest communities in the five years it has been in business. This is partly due to the quality of the game itself. Players usually don’t stick around for titles they think they don’t deserve. Another big reason why players are so committed to Fortnite is that Epic Games treats … Read more

Epic Games employee confirms major changes to OG Skull Trooper skin

Skull Trooper is an OG skin in Fortnite that was introduced to the game in Chapter 1 Season 1. Like other popular outfits, it has also acquired numerous styles over the years. Given its popularity among community members, this was a good move by Epic Games. However, this came with a price. After a cosmetic … Read more