Professor Willow from Pokémon GO has a new look and it’s fear

Image: Niantic / YouTube Saturday conclusion to Pokemon GO Fest 2022 saw the arrival of a group of Ultra Beasts, the welcome ending to the terrible Rhi storyline, and most importantly, Professor Willow’s return from an ill-advised course of illegal steroids. During the opening weekend of GO Fest in June, Willow mysteriously disappeared into an … Read more

Fortnite TikTok Creator Explains Epic Dragon Ball Z Troll

If you were online at all last week and the Fortnite/Dragon Ball crossover event, chances are pretty good you’ve run into someone who lost it at an apparent zoomer mispronouncing Goku’s iconic attack. “So we all know the Kameyamama has been overpowered,” creator Dagwummy said in his August 18 video. It spread like wildfire. Pretty … Read more