Summer 2022 Anime Season Isn’t Underrated, Just Fairly

The Summer 2022 anime season is coming to an end soon and many anime fans are already looking forward to what the upcoming Fall 2022 anime season has in store for them. At first, that may sound reckless and impatient, as the summer season still has a few weeks to go. However, maybe there’s a good reason to end the summer anime season early.

Some anime seasons are simply better than others, and the arrival of new or returning popular series can define an entire season. The winter and spring seasons of 2022 were packed with goodies like My dress up baby and the first course of Spy x Familyand the autumn offers My Hero Academia Season 6, the return of Bleach and much more. Maybe this wasn’t such a hot summer season after all in the anime world.

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The Greatest Hits of the Summer 2022 Anime Season

The summer 2022 anime season, despite its many disappointments, is not a total loss. It was a much-needed catch-up for much-loved series and provided new seasons for popular anime series such as overlord, The devil is a part-timer! and even the magical girl series Tokyo Mew Mew. In its own humble way, the summer anime season has done a lot of work, filling essential gaps in the larger anime industry by injecting fresh material into all of these series and making them relevant again. This season also featured a decent variety of brand new titles.

A good example is the cyberpunk action/thriller series Engage Kissthat feels like the new firepower in many ways. Main character Ogata Shu and his diabolical partner Kisara hunt deadly demons all over Bayron City, while Shu fights obsessively to unravel the mystery of the demon that tore his family apart 12 years ago. The series features a charming harem, cool sci-fi setting, thrilling monster hunter action sequences, brutal plot twists and more.

The summer anime season is also fun for fans with the reasonable but fun isekai title black caller, who has taken bold steps to refresh the isekai formula, such as portraying protagonist Kelvin the summoner actively reincarnating humans in this fantasy world, transforming him from an ordinary isekai hero into the embodiment of Truck-kun. And of course, overlord‘s fourth episode is a staple of the summer season.

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The Biggest Fails of the Summer 2022 Anime Season

Unfortunately, the summer 2022 season has had more misses than hits, even with series like overlord, Engage Kiss and black caller in his setup. An important example is the series Lucifer and the cookie hammer, based on the beloved manga series of the same name. Simply put, the Match anime dropped the ball completely, from animation quality to voice acting and tempo, and the end result hardly resembles the high-quality source manga – a bitter disappointment to many fans.

Meanwhile, the isekai title My Iekai Life manages to be even more forgettable and generic than black caller, and also with much less charm, even with a group of talking slimes nearby. Other disappointments include: The Yakuza Guide to Babysittingwhich is decent but constantly fails to make the most of its premise, and Hire a friendThe second season is hardly a compelling all-time romantic saga.

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How does the summer 2022 anime season stack up?

The 2022 summer season has its highlights such as as Engage Kiss, overlord and a set of 12 episodes for Stone Ocean, but as a whole this isn’t the red-hot season that anime fans wanted. It lacks a blockbuster hit anime, while the other three 2022 seasons have at least one each. The winter season had My dress up babySpring upped the ante by Spy x Family and most importantly, fall 2022 will rock the anime world with Bleachtriumphant return, another portion Spy x Familyseason 6 of My Hero Academia and the long-awaited debut of the gory chainsaw man. Those four series alone easily eclipse anything summer 2022 has to offer, so it’s no wonder anime fans are eagerly awaiting fall.

As a whole, Summer 2022 will be the weakest anime season of the year, but considering how strong the anime industry has become recently, that’s hardly a bad thing. Even if the summer of 2022 stumbled, by most standards the season is still lavishly loaded with quality entertainment for anime fans of every caliber. The standards have become so high that even a reasonable season seems forgettable as the fall of 2022 is on its way to making anime history. In a way that should be an encouraging sign; like a season with overlord, Stone Ocean and Engage Kiss feels meh, then the rest of the year should definitely be stacked. And it is.

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