Study reveals self-described ‘gamers’ are more prone to racism and Pokémon fans fawn over cute ghost type

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You knew it was coming. Welcome back to another gaming news feed, courtesy of We Got This Covered. We take another shot at the weird and wonderful world of gaming, which sometimes – not too often – spills over into the world of science. When there isn’t a whole lot of news, which doesn’t seem to be there lately, it’s always nice to branch out a bit. In our latest roundup, a study found that kids who play video games tend to score higher on brain tests, Amazon Prime Gaming unveiled its catalog of “free” games for the month of November, and fans were warned to proliferate via social media after god of war spoilers leaked.

This time we’re looking at a brand new one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal, the launch of a ‘gamerbed’ and a study linking racist, sexist and/or abusive behavior to self-identifying ‘gamers’. That and more is waiting for you, so pause those games, save those files, and ditch those snacks. We’re going in in a minute.

Poké Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over A Cute But Deadly Ghost-Type Pokémon

Greavard from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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We’re over a month away from launching Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which means Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to get Poké fans hyped for the November release. After the launch trailer revealed the three starter Pokemon; Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco, it wasn’t long before more Pokémon emerged from the woodwork, complete with their own featurette trailers. First it was Lechonk, who won over the crowd with his name alone, then we saw Fidough and Grafaiai. Now Nintendo has brought us the cutest good boy there is: Greavard. Greavard, a Ghost-Type Pokémon, is loyal to whoever gives it the most attention, but it harbors a dark secret; anyone exposed to Greavard for an extended period of time will slowly drain their life force. Talk about cute but deadly. Anyway, Poké fans were understandably going crazy over the adorable pup. Greavard seems to have already entered the hearts of many.

Gamers can now get their hands on gamer beds for a measly $2,000

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Are you a millionaire? Do you have an extra fortune lying around? Did a grandparent leave a huge inheritance amount in his will? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you may well be able to afford the latest invention of the modern age: a gaming bed. As Metro reports, “it comes with a built-in TV at the foot end of the bed to which you can plug in your consoles, with USB and headphone jacks in the head end so you can watch the rest of the house during an overnight session.” Retailer Dreams is manufacturing the play bed, which will come in three different sizes: a small 1.20m double, a 1.20m double and a 1.5m king-size bed.Start by looking through the sofa cushions, because anyone wanting to get their hands on the gaming bed will throw a whopping £1,799 (just over $2,000) for the very cheapest, but if you’re after the largest bed frame and 4K TV, it’ll set you back £2,299 (about $2,600 Hurry up, the 20 percent off mattress purchase deal ends in six days.

Self-identified gamers are more prone to racist and sexist behavior, study says

Gamers playing online video games together - stock photo
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Apparently, people who identify as “gamers” are more prone to racist and sexist behavior, a new study finds. That’s bad news for the gaming community, as most of us identify ourselves as gamers. However, science isn’t always accurate, right? This could just be another hypothesis. While racism, sexism, bullying and general abusive behavior plagued the gaming community for years before it was ever addressed in a scientific way, the ins and outs of why certain gamers are so aggressive and/or defensive has never been fully understood. According to Vice, “The new research suggests that an important part of understanding is knowing how strongly a ‘gamer’s identity’ permeates a person’s life.” When the gamer identity is at the core of who you are as a person, it seems to reflect what we call toxic gamer culture, it tends to reflect exclusion rather than inclusion, so things like racism and sexism and misogyny,” Rachel Kowert, the director of research at Take This, told VICE News. Read the full story here.

That’s all folks! Be sure to check in next time for even more game news.

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