Spy x Family’s Season 2 Premiere Introduces Anya’s New Dog

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 13, “Project Apple”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Waiting for Spy x FamilyThe second course is finally over. As the fall 2022 anime season begins, the beloved Forger family returns with even more thrilling spy adventures and household fun to look forward to. The Episode 13 premiere shows the makeshift family about to get a little bigger with the introduction of a perfect furry companion for the adorable telepath Anya Forger.

After saving a little boy from drowning and earning her first Stella Star in the last few episodes of the anime’s first court, Anya definitely deserves a reward. Loid realizes that such a reward would keep her motivated for the ultimate goal of gaining enough Stella Stars to access the Imperial Scholars mixer, a vital part of Operation Strix. When Anya says at the end of episode 11 that her heart’s desire is a dog, in episode 13, Loid and Yor’s mission to find the perfect pet begins.

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Loid has a new mission in Spy x Family’s Second Cour premiere

For Twilight, nothing should be taken lightly when it comes to its mission, not even adopting a dog. While his quest is motivated by his desire to reward Anya and keep her motivated, Loid is determined to find a dog that will be more than a pet. It must be well trained and capable enough to guard its home and protect its family. Though Anya imagines a cute little puppy for her reward, Loid takes his family to watch retired war dogs, all of which look too intimidating for Anya. After realizing that none of the dogs will do it, Loid is pulled from his current mission to another, leaving Yor and Anya to continue the search for the dog alone.

As the beginning of episode 13 points out, a nefarious group of dogs use dogs to carry out an assassination of Secretary of State Brantz. With one of the members in custody, WISE calls on Loid to use his mastery of disguise to trick the young criminal into giving information about his fellow terrorists. Using a short clip of the footage, Loid replicates the appearance and demeanor of the group’s leader, successfully getting the criminal to reveal that the terrorists intend to use dogs tied with bombs to to carry out the murder. With tensions running high between East and West, WISE realizes that this plot poses a direct threat to political stability, and orders Loid to help them take down the terrorists.

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Anya finds her perfect dog buddy

As Loid’s mission in Episode 13 causes the conflict that will unfold everywhere Spy x Family‘s new arc, it also serves as an introduction to the Forger family’s future pet. The giant white dog featured in the series’ new credits makes his debut as one of the dogs involved in the terrorists’ plot. As two footmen of the terrorists walk the dog, he senses that a sign is about to fall on a little boy and escape the footmen’s clutches just in time to save the boy. This scene indicates that the dog has a special ability similar to Anya’s telepathy. Aside from increased intelligence, he appears to have the power of precognition, which allows him to see briefly into the future.

This power becomes even more apparent when the dog passes Anya and their eyes meet, causing Anya to read the dog’s mind and see a vision of him joining their family. With her interest piqued, Anya follows the dog and finds herself in a dangerous situation. When she is caught by the terrorists Loid is after, the dog jumps to her aid. The two combine their abilities to distract the terrorists so they can escape. As the terrorists catch up with them at the end of the episode, Anya, along with the dog shows, already makes a perfect team.

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While the two each have their limitations given their age, species, and the craziness of their personalities, Anya’s telepathy and canine foreknowledge go hand in hand, making a potentially potent combination for the makeshift spy family. Fans can look forward to the dog’s official entry into the Forger family in upcoming episodes. As the second course progresses, Anya’s and dog’s combination of skills will likely be a major source of both hilarious antics in the Forger household and help when Anya needs it most.

The second course Spy x Family has an exciting and cute start. While readers of the original manga already know the name of the future pet of the Forgers, fans of anime-only will have to wait to find out what name Loid, Yor, and Anya will settle for when they officially bring home their new canine friend.

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