Skull Trooper Missions (How to Unlock Skull Trooper’s Back Bling)

Halloween is always a big event in Fortnite – it’s when the Fortnitemares event takes place and event skins that only appear once a year are put back in the Item Shop. It’s one of the best timed events the game has to offer, definitely an exciting time of year for everyone Fortnite players.

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One of the most infamous skins in the game is the Skull Trooper, a skin for Halloween events. Not too long ago, the skin got some extra styles and a back-bling. However, to unlock the Ghost Portal back bling, players will need to complete a few quests. This guide will discuss these quests and explain how to get through them.


How to make Skull Trooper’s back bling?

A while ago, when players bought the Skull Trooper skin, no back bling came with it. Since then, the Item Shop has changed a lot and it is almost mandatory for Epic rarity skins to include some back bling and additional styles. So Epic Games decided to give away the Ghost Portal cosmetics to players who bought this skin and all players who decided to buy it in the future. To do this, they added a series of missions called “Skull Trooper missions” which would have the Ghost Portal as a reward upon completion.

The Skull Ranger is part of the Skull Squad set, just like Skull Trooper, but obtaining the Skull Ranger skin does not grant players access to the Skull Trooper quests. The Ghost Portal back bling can only be obtained exclusively after purchasing the Skull Trooper skin.

Everyone loves the Skull Trooper outfit, but before you buy it, it’s always a good idea to check whether the back bling quests are easy or not – this way players will know how much effort they will have to make it to get.

When completing the Skull Trooper missions, it is not required at all to use the Skull Trooper outfit. Gamers can continue to play as they wish and freely switch between skins and the progress of the quest will continue as normal.

  • Find chests in a single match (6)

Chests are scattered all over the Battle Royale Island, they are especially abundant in said locations, so visiting a chest is a quick way to complete this quest. However, POIs can be quite dangerous as they are usually hot drops.

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In Season 4, vaults were reintroduced in Fortnite and players can now open them by collecting two keys – vaults have tons of chests inside, at least three. This is also a great option for opening so many chests in one match.

  • Complete daily bonus goals (7)

Players can achieve up to three daily bonus goals per day. The first three daily missions they complete give them a daily bonus goal. If a player reaches the maximum number of daily bonus goals and completes this mission in the shortest time possible, it will take three days.

  • Deal damage to opponents in a single match (300)

While this quest can be done easily through regular gameplay by eliminating other players or enemy wildlife, a hack to get through it in a flash is by playing Team Rumble. In Team Rumble game mode, there are two main teams and everyone will respawn continuously until the end of the match, this way players can continue to deal damage to enemies in the same match without thinking about the risk of getting eliminated when engaged with fight.

  • Play matches with at least one elimination (14)

Eliminations rely only on enemy players, for example, this quest cannot be done by killing enemy wildlife. Land on hotspots like Tilted Towers or Rocky Reels is a way to get easy early game eliminations.

This task is most likely the one that players will do the longest. There is no way to play 50 matches without taking a few hours. It is possible to just enter a match, land somewhere and eliminate yourself. However, this will take its toll on players’ KD ratio and it’s not that much fun either. The Skull Trooper quests are meant to last for a few weeks before receiving the reward.

The Ghost Portal back-bling is the main reward for these missions, but every time a player completes a Skull Trooper quest, they receive 2000 XP to increase their Season Level.

After all Skull Trooper missions are completed, the Ghost Portal back bling will appear on the player’s screen in the lobby. The player just has to select “claim” and it will be added to his locker.

All about the Ghost Portal Back Bling

After completing each Skull Trooper quest, players will be 10,000 XP richer and have new back bling in their lockers. The Ghost Portal back bling has two styles, a blue style and a green style to match two of Skull Trooper’s styles.

As the name implies, it is a portal with ghosts in it, it leaves a fog when the character runs into the game, and sometimes ghosts from familiar skins appear. It’s a reactive cosmetic item, meaning there’s a way to make it change during the match. In this case, it responds to eliminations.

Every time the player eliminates someone, the back bling will flash. As the player takes out more opponents, the fog turns into a trail – this happens after four eliminations. The player can collect more kills and the path becomes longer, ghosts will also come out of the portal more often.

Unfortunately, the ghosts that come out of the portal are not the skins of the players being eliminated, they are predefined. Rust Lord, Raptor, Rex and Cuddle Team Leader are just some of the outfits that can appear in the portal – these are some of the most infamous skins in Fortnite so it’s no wonder they were picked to be part of the back bling gimmick.

Fortnite is free to play on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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