Shraddha murder: Case was closed in 2020 after she withdrew her complaint, Maharashtra police say

Maharashtra police said on Wednesday that they had launched an investigation based on a complaint from Shraddha Walkar in 2020, but the case was closed after she issued a written statement to withdraw the case. DCP of Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar (MBVV) Commissioner, Suhas Bavache said Shraddha had stated in her written statement that “the dispute between herself and Aaftab Poonawala was resolved.”

“Everything that was necessary in that case was done by the police at the time. The application submitted by the complainant was also investigated. After the investigation, the complainant herself stated in writing that there was no dispute. Her friend’s parents also persuaded to settle the dispute. She gave the written statement and then the case was closed,” Bawche said. Aaftab is accused of strangling his alleged live-in partner Shraddha and dismembering her body. He is also said to have kept the chopped up body parts in a refrigerator before dumping them in the forests of Chhatarpur in South Delhi.

The Maharashtra Police said that in the year 2020, Shraddha filed a complaint with Tulinj Police Station at Palghar in Maharashtra stating that Aaftab Poonawala had beaten her and threatened to kill her. The Maharashtra Police has confirmed that the deceased wrote a letter of complaint to Tulinj Police Station on 23 November 2020. In the complaint letter, Shraddha said she “didn’t have the guts to go to the police” because Aaftab had threatened to kill her. However, she added that Aaftab tried to kill her the day she was writing the letter, and he also threatened to cut her up and throw her away.

“It’s been six months since he hit me,” the letter read. The letter further claimed that Aaftab’s parents knew that he had beaten her up and that he had tried to kill her.

“I have been living with him till date as we were supposed to get married soon and I had the blessings of his family. Henceforth I am not willing to live with him. So any kind of physical damage should be considered as coming from him, as he has done. blackmailed me to kill or hurt me whenever he sees me anywhere,” Shraddha’s complaint alleged. Aaftab was arraigned in Saket court in the national capital on Tuesday after his five-day police detention ended. happened, happened in the heat of the moment,” Aaftab told the court.

A court-approved lie detector test on Aaftab was initiated yesterday. Assistant Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Rohini, Sanjeev Gupta said the process of conducting a lie detector test on Aaftab has begun and the report will be out in a week. Delhi police had previously said that after his arrest in the case, Aaftab confessed to killing his live-in partner Shraddha at their apartment in Chhatarpur in West Delhi and dismembering her body into 35 pieces.

Aaftab and Shraddha met on a dating site and moved in together at a rental house in Chhatarpur as the relationship grew. After receiving the complaint from Shraddha’s father, the Delhi Police registered an FIR on 10 November.

Subsequent questioning of the accused revealed that Aaftab killed Shraddha on May 18, after which he began exploring ways to dispose of the body. He also lent ideas about removal of popular crime shows on his streaming devices, Delhi police revealed. The suspect also told police that he had also read human anatomy before dismembering his girlfriend’s body.

Police said that after searching the internet for ways to remove all traces of his crime, Aaftab mopped up blood stains from the floor of the couple’s Chhatarpur apartment with some chemicals and also threw away all the stained clothes. He then moved the body to the bathroom and bought a refrigerator where he stashed the chopped up body parts, police said.

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