Secretlab’s Fortnite Battle Bus seat is comfortable, if a little big

Secretlab shows off his purple Fortnite chair against a purple background.

Image: secret lab

Look, I can’t break new ground on ‘the gamer chair’. They are known: colossal, pricey and often showy statements from Fortnite braveryfilled up with locks of Ninja’s blue hair (may we remember it with love) for luck. To accept the gamer chair is to accept the implication of Dorito fabric. Until know the gamer chair is to make your pantsless ass sit for a long time.

I can’t tell you anything new about gaming chairs – they’re still flashy and expensive – but I’ve got my ass on the Fortnite Battle Bus Edition of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series for a while now, and I can honestly tell you it gets the job done

The Fortnite part

First we need to address the Battle Bus in the room. I do not play Fortnite, but when Secretlab asked me to review the latest special edition Titan, I thought it could be funny. For whom? I’m not sure.

For me, I think. It’s just the Fortnite Battle Bus gamer seat. It’s magical. It feels like the Fortnite Battle Bus seat could be the egg from which MrBeast was born, emerging as a grown adult, smiling with his menacing mouthful of gamer modes.

It’s a topic of conversation. If people my . to see Fortnite chair, they ask, “is that a… Fortnite chair?” And you know what, it is. On the front is a turquoise embroidery that reads FORTNITE. This is so that everyone can understand that this usually normal-looking chair is actually a Fortnite chair. Some accessories of the chair have arrived Fortniteboxes of themed too, but overall it’s a normal chair that has FORTNITE on it.

A woman is holding a blue Secretlab box.

Look what I got.
Photo: Kotaku

However, I had hoped that the Fortnite Battle Bus seat would be more like a Battle Bus seat so I could finally combine my love of gaming, public transportation and hot air balloon technology. Unfortunately, the Fortnite seat only shows an embroidered image of the Battle Bus on its back. You have to stare into the sunset pink wires to imagine floating away on the Battle Bus in mid-air – your butt will never experience such a thrill.

Set up the chair

The Fortnite gamer chair, in a huge cardboard box that me and a few friends could use as a makeshift Noah’s ark, was delivered on August 22. That’s three weeks of sitting for those of you keeping track.

This particular edition of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is available for pre-order direct from the Secretlab site for $624 for small and regular sizes, the latter of which is recommended for people up to 6’2″ and under 220 pounds, and $674 for the oversized size, which is recommended for people up to 6’9″ and 395 lbs. This size’s inclusivity is appreciated and a staple of Secretlab chairs – in a 2017 review of the Titan, big dude and Kotaku staff member Mike Fahey wrote that the chair was a “nice place to spend hours on your lavish end.”

Immediately after the big box was delivered, my League of Legends friend and i started assembling the chair. Overall, the process was simple and easily explained by the huge poster-sized instruction sheet that came with it, but the chair is quite heavy and you’ll need a buddy if you’re as small and frail as I am. The box comes with strips of thin foam to put heavy pieces on and make it easier to move around, which is convenient. All together, setting up the Fortnite chair lasted about 50 sweaty minutes.

A man is holding a large Secretlab instruction sheet.

I’m going to use this as a tablecloth.
Photo: Kotaku

Sitting in the chair

I immediately began to sit in the chair. Who not? It’s a chair for Fortnite.

It has all the comfort-oriented features of a standard Titan Evo 2022 seat, which means things like a property Synthetic leather, seat curved for “ergonomic support” and adjustable lumbar support. It’s a stiff seat, which may take some getting used to if you’re used to seats with more cushioning or flexibility, but the stiffness makes it feel more supportive than cramped in the end.

The headrest is a magnetic, removable cushion. I like that you can choose to place it near your head or your neck. The magnet that holds it in place starts at the very tip of the chair and ends quite low, so I can lounge comfortably against the cushion, even though I’m technically too small for the regular chair Secretlab sent me.

The doorway to my playroom was too narrow to get the fat one Fortnite chair in it, so I ended up flipping it between my living room and dining room and adjusting the chair in different ways depending on what I was doing. Sitting in the chair for a long time and doing different things like typing on my laptop, playing a console game or eating at the table never hurt my back or felt uncomfortable.

An impressive tweak is how the seat allows you to go from sitting up straight to almost completely flat on your back. During a Mets game viewing, my non-gamer friend Will sat in the gaming chair and leaned all the way back. It was the longest anyone had sat in the chair with such an extreme recline, and there were a few moments when I thought he was going to fall and get a concussion from the Fortnite chair. But “I feel safe,” he told me when I expressed my concern. “I trust the chair.”

Secretlab's Fortnite chair is straight ahead.

Photo: Kotaku

Complain about the chair

The chair is supportive, friendly and loving Fortnite. These are qualities that you should really admire. But while assembling the chair, I was disappointed to remove some untouched pieces from their packaging and find that they were already dented. This was a review product but had I paid the high full price I would have been frustrated with the pieces not being spotless on arrival. Likewise, while this battle royale themed chair is happy to serve you, I’m a fashion nerd and the stitching on this chair looks fast and loose to me. Long, loose stitches reduce the hold of the fabric, leaving a garment or, in this case, a Fortnite chair, more prone to tearing or fraying.

A Secretlab armrest shows signs of use.

Tsk, ts.
Photo: Kotaku

This isn’t so much a complaint as a warning – I was way too short for the standard 5’4, 120lb seat. I still enjoyed sitting in it, but sometimes I felt like a baby pretending to be the president, and I often sat cross-legged or with both knees on it. The armrests and seat height are not nearly as adjustable as the backrest of the chair. They deviate more than they transform. So if a chair doesn’t fall into your suggested height and weight class, you may have trouble finding a perfect calibration, something you’ll probably be looking for if you’re looking to drop over $500 on a chair.

This chair and the packaging weren’t nearly as aggressive either Fortnitetheme the way I wanted it so if you want a Fortnite superfan only interested in the chair because of its collectability, that’s also something to note. Secretlab also released three Fortnite-edition memory foam “lumbar pillows” made to Peely, Llama and Cuddle Team Leader, but you have to pre-order these separately for $59 each, and they currently ship two weeks later than the seat. More positive, buying the seat unlocks the rare in-game Chipset Wrapwhich was originally only for sale in Fortnite for one day in 2020.

Final Thoughts

The Fortnite chair is comfortable to sit in and good for people who want to talk to house guests about being a Fortnite chair. Please note that whether the chair is a good match will depend on whether you get a size to suit your needs, the quality of the chair may not be exactly what you are looking for for the price and it Fortnite theme is literally skin deep. It’s a chair first, Fortnite second experience. Hot air balloon not included.


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