Scariest Ghost-Type Pokémon, Ranked

There are 915 pokemon in the Pokédex so far, most of which are thinly cute, but the scariest Pokémon are the Ghost types, and out of all of these, there are five that are truly the scariest. Nintendo’s beloved pocket monster franchise first debuted in Japan in 1996, and the original Ghost-type Pokémon were Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Now there are a total of sixty Ghost-type Pokémon, although only a handful can claim to be the scariest.


Ghost-type Pokémon are equated for the second rarest type with Fairy, with Ice being the rarest type of them all. Ghost types are the only type with two immunities, as they are immune to both Fighting and Normal attacks, as well as moves that prevent escape (Gen 6 and later). They are only opposed by Dark-types, and Ghost-type moves do not affect Normal-type Pokémon.

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Most Pokémon are cute, so even most Ghost types seem relatively harmless. Only a few have truly terrifying faces, and the five scariest Ghost-type Pokémon were ranked based on a priority order of: appearance, behavior and backstory, moves, and abilities (skills were introduced in Gen 3 as a new game mechanic).

5. Sableye, the haunted ghost Pokemon that haunts the depths

Sablee is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokémon. Legends claim that they steal souls when their eyes glow, but these Pokémon are actually friendly, just mischievous and attention-seeking. However, their appearance and movements are jerky, puppet-like and unnerving. Their heads tremble from side to side. They live in deep, dark caves. They learn the Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak moves and have the Stall and Prankster abilities.

Sableye is in the top five mainly because of his looks and the fact that he is found in the dark, but his moves and skills only add to that. Confuse Ray is a perfectly terrifying ability for any Pokémon; those affected are unable to discern reality to the point of self-harm. Then, Stall and Prankster make this strange, unnerving Pokémon unpredictable, as Stall keeps it from moving until the very last minute, and Prankster once again prioritizes a status ailment to strike out of nowhere.

4. Ghost-type Pokémon Trevenant is a grim ranger

Trevenant is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon. It is known to consume anyone who dares to destroy the forest it lives in, and anyone who damages, curses, or traps trees there forever. Normally, though, it doesn’t attack anyone else. Trevenant can communicate with and control trees through a root-like nervous system, and when it dies, it becomes a normal tree. It teaches Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Curse, and Phantom Force moves. It has no scary skills.

Trevenant is ranked number 4 due to his move, Destiny Bond, and the fact that this dark-protective Pokémon is a dual-type. A fan theory about Ghost Pokémon suggests that Ghost types were actually other Pokémon that died; the Destiny Bond move only mentions fainting in the game, but assuming death is possible, that means a dual-type Ghost Pokémon could use this move to kill an opponent and, instead of dying as a result of the band, can just become a pure Ghost-Pokémon. type. Since Trevenant also doesn’t become a tree until it dies, this ranger could use this move with deadly power and not suffer much for it.

3. Giratina is the ghostly Pokémon god of all bad things

Giratina is a Legendary Pokémon and a Ghost/Dragon type. It was introduced in Gen 4 and was banned to the Distortion World due to its extreme violence by Arceus, the legendary Pokémon that created the universe. Giratina is considered the god of death and the afterlife, and of all things that cause death (war, plague, famine, and so on). The moves are Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, and Shadow Force. His ability is Pressure.

Giratina is in third place because his behavior is alarming and powerful, but his movements are also quite terrifying. Destiny Bond was already covered (and Giratina probably can’t die), but Shadow Force and Shadow Sneak are terrifying when used by these Pokémon. Shadow Sneak extends the user’s shadow and attacks the opponent from behind; Shadow Force makes the user invulnerable, and the attack itself does damage through Protect. This Pokémon is scary at the end of the world, but because it’s stuck, it’s demoted to third instead of first.

2. Spiritomb are destructive, mischievous ghost-type Pokémon spirits

Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark-type Pokémon and is the amalgamation of 108 spirits. It is both mischievous and destructive, and was bound to a keystone as punishment for wrongdoing. His moves are Curse, Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak, and his skills are Pressure and Infiltrator.

Spiritomb ranks second on all four factors: appearance, behavior, movements, and skills. Pressure doesn’t really do more than make opponents use double the PP of every move they use, but in a real encounter, this ability would cause a sense of dread. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak are terrifying moves in their own right, and Infiltrator allows the user to ignore an opponent’s defensive moves. If used by these vicious Pokémon, the victims are sure to startle.

1. Gengar is the original ghostly Pokémon Terror

The one and only Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon Gengar with a giant tongue steals its victim’s life. He likes to hide in shadows and imitate victims to make them paranoid and scared, and he enjoys their fear. The Pokemon Shield description of Gigantamax Gengar is that “when you stand in front of his mouth, you hear the voices of your loved ones calling you.Gengar knows the moves Hypnosis (which is not a Ghost-like move, but it puts opponents to sleep), Nightmare, Destiny Bond, Curse and Confuse Ray. His skills are Cursed Body (can disable a move used against Gengar for 4 turns), and Levitate (ground attack immunity).

Gengar ranks #1 as the most horrifying Ghost-type Pokémon across all four categories. Its behavior is especially unnerving, and the fact that this Pokémon can put opponents to sleep, curse, confuse to self-harm, and cause nightmares should send any Trainer running in the opposite direction.

Ghost-type Pokémon, despite their destructive and sometimes murderous habits, are still popular additions to trainer teams. And these, the five scariest Ghost types pokemon from Gen 8, would make excellent teammates – as long as they don’t terrorize their trainers.

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