sasuke vs. Sarada: who will win?

Sasuke and Sarada are quite different from each other. There are notable differences between father and daughter in terms of brute strength, intelligence, speed and more. But if Sasuke and Sarada were pitted against each other, who will win the battle?

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sasuke vs. Sarada: who has a more powerful Sharingan?

Let’s start with Sharingan. Young Sasuk got to know Sharingan the harder way due to lack of training.

In the original Naruto series, fans learn that Sasuke’s Sharingan is fueled by hate, and the more hate he harbors, the more powerful his Sharingan becomes.

Some would argue that Sarada, one of the sweetest characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsmay not be able to get her Sharingan up.

However, that is not the case. Unlike Sasuke, Sarada has access to exceptional teachers and technology. Her classes are more streamlined than Sasuke’s.

With her burning desire to become a Hokage someday, she will only make her Sharingan better and maybe even surpass her father.

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sasuke vs. Sarada: who has a better speed?

In terms of speed, Sasuke is known for being exceptionally fast. During the chunin exams, Sasuke proved that he can break the sound barrier.

Later, when he started training with Kakashi, Sasuke was asked to fight against Gaara.

During this fight, it was revealed that Sasuke’s speed was comparable to Rock Lee’s. It’s interesting to note, though, that Sasuke couldn’t hold his speed for more than a few bursts.

Now when she came to Sarada, when she took on a kunoichi from Kirigakure named Buntan, Sarada showed that she could also be quite fast.

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Buntan used a lightning strike against Sarada and the latter was able to dodge it with just a single Tomoe Sharingan.

She was able to dodge these extremely fast attacks with only a small Sharingan, which is commendable.

As the series progresses, Sarada has proven time and again that she can get past Sasuke quickly.

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sasuke vs. Sarada: who is stronger?

Speaking of raw strength, Sarada inherited this from her mother, Sakura, who possesses incredible strength.

Young Sarada can easily punch through massive rocks and is great at throwing heavy objects at her enemies.

Her hand-to-hand combat skills are top notch and her missions with Team 7 only make her stronger.

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sasuke vs. Sarada: who has more chakra?

Finally, let’s take a look at their chakra controls and levels. Both Sasuke and Sarada are from the Uchiha clan and are known to have much more chakra reserves than others.

Sarada and Sasuke have unleashed several jutsu in a row while drawing strength from their Sharingan.

However, Sasuke seems to be getting past Sarada in terms of reserves due to Orochimaru’s cursed seal in the second stage of the chunin exams.

Chakra control is a very different class as it affects the efficiency of the user’s Sharingan in combat.

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Sarada is known for her excellent chakra control, and as the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, Sarada is a natural.

At first, however, like her father, Sarada was out of control and burned her chakra during every confrontation.

But when Sakura trained Sarada, the latter eventually got better. Now she can hold her Sharingan for quite a long time.

Taking all of the above factors into consideration, it’s safe to say that if they were to fight each other, Sarada has the ability to defeat her father, Sasuk.

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