Quantum Leap Cast: Where You’ve Seen the Stars of the NBC Series Before

The classic 80s sci-fi series, quantum leap, is one of those shows that got canceled before it could come to a happy ending, much to the detriment of its loyal fans. Although the original version starring Scott Bakula as quantum physicist Dr. Sam Beckett and the late Dean Stockwell if his best friend, Al Calavicci, never managed to wrap things up (either in the form of a movie or a sequel), the show itself now has a reboot series.

If you’ve watched or plan to watch Quantum Leap after the NBC debut on Monday, September 19, you may be wondering where you’ve seen the actors of the new cast before. Well, don’t worry, because we’re about to break down why the cast of one of the most promising Fall 2022 TV shows looks so familiar…

(Image credit: NBC)

Raymond Lee (Dr Ben Song)

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