Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

the month of September has put forward Theia Sky Ruins Map in the Pokémon Unite. The card replaced the previous one Remoat Stadium Map in both the ranked and Standard Battle Modes. In this guide, our focus is on this new map of Theia Sky Ruins in Pokémon Unite. Therefore, players should read on to learn unique map features, map rules, and all the wild Pokémon on the map. Note that our previous map guide covers all the basics of the said MOBA game. The unaltered characteristics were not mentioned in this piece. Only the changes and adjustments are mentioned here. Therefore, the players should read on accordingly.

Pokémon Unite: Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide

The map from above looks almost the same as the Remoat Stage One. When zoomed in, it’s a lot different, with completely different features.

Latest Map Mechanics

spawning ground

A spawning ground is located on the far right or left side of the map and looks like round pads. It’s true playable pokemonsrespawn after knockout. It also provides tremendous healing and movement speed for Pokémons standing on it.


Just like all the others MOBAs, Pokémon Unite also has lanes extending in 3 different directions. In the meantime, here are the 3 different lanes:

  • top lane
  • middle lane
  • bottom lane

All lanes except the middle lane are similar. The middle lane is different, as it has no targets, but stronger wild Pokémon compared to the lanes. However, in the Theia Sky Ruins map, the top lane is a solo lane.


Image via The Pokémon Company

Compared to other MOBAs, the main objective or main way to win the game is not by destroying the enemy base, but by scoring more Poképoints than the enemy team. In addition, to score Poképoints, you must defeat Pokémon in order to set them up goals. Every team has 4 outer target zones and one base target. The outer target zones are the zones that can be destroyed when a certain number of goals are scored.

Flux Zones

Any lane leading to an outer target zone gives a speed boost to the allied Pokémon standing on it, indicated by blue streaks of light on the Pokémon. This speed boost disappears if the outer target zone leading to it is destroyed.

Incidentally, when players approach the enemy area/lanes, there would be a speed debuff and their movement speed would decrease significantly.

air currents

Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide
The blue zones indicate the airflow areas after the destruction of the respective target zones. The orange areas have air currents when Rayquaza appears. (Image via The Pokémon Company)

This feature only appears after a target zone has been destroyed, or the main Boss Pokemon (Rayquaza) spawns in the last 2 minutes. These air currents spawn at fixed locations, causing a increase movement speed to everyone in his environment, as well as for a short time, after departure. The zones of airflow are like the map given above.


The Theia Sky Ruins map also includes berries to aid the trainers. However, a small change now makes only 1 Citrus Berry available in the top row. The Salac Berry to increase movement speed is also available in Central Lane, just next to the area where Rayquaza would spawn.


As in Remoat Stadium, four Jump pads can be found on the Theia Sky Ruins map. Standing on these inflatables will cause a Pokémon to float to fixed locations on the map! The Super Jump Pads will be available in each team’s home zone 5 minutes after the game starts. The other smaller inflatables (4) are available in the middle lane.

Theia Sky Ruins: List of Wild Pokémon

The scenario of Wild and Boss Pokemon in this new map has completely changed. Here are the names of the new Pokémon and their functions, respectively:

Normal Pokemon

Bunnelby & Diggersby

  • lane- top and bottom
  • Aeos Energy fell away– 2 or 5 (for Bunnelby), 2 or 7 (for Diggersby)
  • Effects and description- Drop points and XP when defeated. The Bunnelby with 2 points flees when hit and does not attack. The Bunnelby with 5 points can attack. The Bunnelby that are not defeated with 2 minutes left evolve into Diggersby.
  • Spawns at the start of the match, 9.40 am.
  • respawn timer- 1:00

Baltoy and Claydol

  • lane- Top, bottom and middle; only middle lane for Claydol
  • Aeos Energy fell away– 2 (Baltoy), 3/4 (Claydol)
  • Effects and description- Drop points and XP when defeated. Evolves into Claydol with 2:00 on the timer.
  • Spawns on- 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:10 / 9:00
  • respawn timer- 1:00


  • lane- top, bottom
  • Aeos Energy fell away– 6 or 8
  • Effects and description- Appears on the bottom lane. When the first target zone is destroyed, it will appear on the side of the destroyed target’s lanes. Drop points and XP when defeated.
  • Spawns on- 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:15
  • respawn timer- 1:00

Natu and Xatu

  • lane- Top (Natu), Middle (Xatu)
  • Aeos Energy fell away– 1/2 (Natu), 2 (Xatu)
  • Effects and description- Natu will appear in the jungle entrance from the top lane. Both Pokemon give XP and Aeos Energy when defeated.
  • Spawns on- 9:40 / 8:40 / 7:40 / 6:40 / 5:40 / 4:40 / 3:40 / 2:40 / 1:40 (Natu), Xatu pawns at the start of the game in the closest point from the center lane to home base.
  • respawn timer- Natu always spawns in the top lane at regular intervals until one of the top 1st target zones is destroyed.

Swablu and Altaria

  • lane- Top, Middle, Bottom
  • Aeos Energy fell away– 2/3 (Swablu), 5/7 (Altaria)
  • Effects and description- They appear together after a target zone is destroyed. They drop points and XP when defeated.
  • Spawns on- Top & Bottom: 8:50, 7:20, 5:50, 4:20, 2:50, 1:20/ Middle: 8:00
  • respawn timer- 1:30

Buff Wild Pokemon

Image via The Pokémon Company


spawning time 9:40
respawn time 1:00
Points earned 4 / 7
Effect Grants the orange aura to the Pokemon that knocks it out. While your Pokemon has this aura, basic attacks deal extra damage and reduce enemy Pokemon’s movement speed for a short time.


spawning time 9:40
respawn time 1:00
Points earned 4 / 7
Effect Grants the purple aura when knocked out by a Pokemon. While your Pokemon has this aura, the cooldowns for moves are reduced for a short time.

Boss Pokemon

Image via The Pokémon Company


spawning time 2:00
respawn time N/A
Points earned 30
Effect Rayquaza appears during the Last piece (2:00) and is the replacement for Zapdos. Gives a shield to the allied team that wipes out damage and protects the Pokemon from interruptions in scoring. Cuts charging time in half. Stacks of Goal-Getter.

When Rayquaza appears, air currents appear in fixed areas of the map that increase the speed of movement. The number of airflows depends on the number of target zones destroyed. Easter Egg- Rayquaza wanders around the map before the 2:00 mark. The players on Top Lane can often see him flying in the distance.


spawning time 7:00 am
respawn time 3:00
Points earned 20
Effect When defeated, he moves to an enemy target zone to render him defenseless for 24 seconds. In addition, it helps the allied team while pushing. Rotom’s replacement.


spawning time 7:00 am
respawn time 3:00
Points earned 20
Effect Grants EXP to the team protecting it. Also increases their HP recovery speed for 90 seconds. Runs randomly with Regirock and Registeel, in any given match you can only get one of these 3 Regis.


spawning time 7:00 am
respawn time 3:00
Points earned 20
Effect Grants EXP to the team protecting it. Also gives them more Defense and Sp. Defense for 90 seconds. Spins randomly with Regice and Registeel


spawning time 7:00 am
respawn time 3:00
Points earned 20
Effect Grants EXP to the team protecting it. Also gives them more Attack and Sp. Attack for 90 seconds. Runs randomly with Regirock and Regice.

Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map: Tips and Tricks

In this section of the map guide. players get tips and tricks to play Pokémon Unite.

  • Players should consider the spawn and respawn timings of the wild Pokemon. Turn accordingly. The jungle on this map is full of more Wild Pokemon than in the previous one. So many opportunities to level up.
  • Since there are no more Zapdos available in the last 2 minutes to flip the results of the matches, it would be very important to maintain a lead. Therefore, only those who rely solely on the jungle should go to the middle lane, otherwise you should prioritize winning the lane battles and scoring lots of early goals.
  • Keep some Aeos Energy in store (minimum 25-30) for the last piece when the target doubles itself.
  • The Rayquaza target is important, but don’t get the whole team involved in that fight. By beating Zapdos, the opponent’s goals were defenseless, now that’s not going to happen. Therefore, make sure your defenders/all-rounders are on the jumpboard and defend the goals (if your team is in the lead). If you are behind, try to win team battles on the opponent’s goals.
  • On this card, team play has become an absolute necessity. If one of your teammates is inactive, remember that you are already doomed.
  • Always take on the objective bosses (the Regis). Especially the Regieleki, who is the only boss who can help you make the opponent’s target defenseless.
  • Try to hold and defend the 1st goal from the top lane as long as possible. It would be crucial during Regieleki battles.
  • People should prioritize winning the Regieleki battles as soon as possible so that the last Regieleki arrives just in time for players to take him out before the final piece.
  • On this map, players should try to include as many all-rounders, defenders and supporters as possible.
  • One should try to stick to a team game and follow the strategies of the team.

Final Thoughts

If people have reached this sentence, consider themselves already full of basic knowledge about the map. Players should keep the things mentioned in mind and if they need help with Pokemon-based guidance, check out our individual Pokemon Beginner’s Guides from Pokemon Unite.

What do you think of the Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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