Pokémon TCG’s Coolest Zacian Map Will Never Be Real

The coolest Zacian art card for the Pokemon TCG was created specifically for the game’s online illustration exhibition, but the mock-up will probably never become a physical card to collect. Created as an exclusive exhibition, the collaboration between Japanese illustrator Takumi Wada and pokemon has only revealed one map so far, with three more to come. While the collaboration is exciting, the cards illustrated by Takumi Wada will only exist online, meaning one of the best Zacian cards will be an online promo only.


Continuing the celebration of the 25th anniversary, Pokemon TCG announced an online exhibition of map illustrations from August 10 to October 22, 2022. The central focus of the exhibition is to highlight some of the TCG’s most iconic artworks from the past 25 years. The first ever Pokemon TCG set, now known as Basic setwas released in Japan in 1996 and later in the US in 1999. Based on the Gen 1 Pokémon from the video games, Pokémon Red and Blue, the Basic set was a huge success for the franchise and expanded the Pocket Monsters into a household name everywhere, as the TCG was a perfect complement to the video games and anime series. The success of the Basic set also calculate what now a pokemon tradition – multiple TCG expansions and boosters released along with the respective generation’s video games.

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With the end of Gen 8 and the rise of Gen 9 is fast approaching, when Pokémon TCG Scarlet and purple cards release could be very soon, making this exhibition particularly topical. The Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition has three different areas: Life, with pokemon in their natural habitat; History, with the evolution of the TCM from 1996 to today; and Artist, with the various illustrations by different artists. After viewing an area in its entirety, the viewer is offered the opportunity to visit a special area. There are a few different rooms in the special area to visit, but the most exciting is the room where the exhibition is exclusive pokemon cards designed by The Legend of Zelda illustrator, Takumi Wada, are on display.

Takumi Wada’s Zacian Pokémon Card Deserves To Be Printed

Zacian is the very first pokemon map that Wada once illustrated. Zacian is the mascot of the Gen 8 game, pokemon sword. Wada’s illustration shows Zacian in his second form, which is achieved in-game by the Pokémon a rusty sword to hold. during every Pokemon TCG set to Sword and shield, so far there have only been a handful of Zacian cards, which is an example of the pokemon‘s status as a special mascot. Wada’s art for Zacian is unlike any other Zacian TCG card, making it perfect for a print release to say goodbye to the eighth generation. In the illustrator’s own words from the Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition, “It would make me happy if you could feel a little closer to Pokémon with my illustrations.” His official comment is full of admiration and respect for pokemonand such an important collaboration deserves at least a limited edition.

In total, Takumi Wada will illustrate three maps as promotional material for the Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition. The other two cards he illustrated will remain a mystery until they are publicly dealt on September 7 and 22, respectively. since the Pokemon TCG isn’t done with Sword and Shield sets yet, with the coming silver storm set info and maps revealed, the release of Takumi Wada’s illustrated maps seems like a perfect farewell to Eighth Gen.

Source: Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition/Aniek

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