Pokémon six times rarer than a shiny one found by Lucky Trainer

A lucky player, after much time and effort, has been able to find a Pokémon that is actually rarer than even a Shiny in Pokémon White 2.

a lucky person pokemon player just had an encounter rarer than finding a Shiny in Pokémon White 2. To the average pokemon fan, a shiny Pokémon is one of the rarest things you can find, with the alternately colored creatures highly prized for their scarcity and distinct appearance.

However, after much perseverance, Reddit user ApprehensiveBuy3032 has found a Pokémon even rarer than a Shiny; a female Heracross with the Hidden Ability Moxie. The feat was revealed in a Reddit post that has since been deleted. As absurd as this may sound, the rarity is actually a result of several factors. Black & White 2‘s Hidden Grottos, which used ApprehensiveBuy3032, spawn a Pokémon every 256 steps with a 5% chance. DeliveredBuy3032’s White 2, the probability of it being a Heracross is a small 0.25%. Finding a Heracross, as ApprehensiveBuy3032 wanted, is about 1/8000, but specifically female Heracross only appears 30% of the time in Hidden Grottos. As such, ApprehensiveBuy302’s Heracross encounter is 1/26666; undoubtedly one of the rarest Pokémon that can be caught.


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Unusual Heracross Six times rarer than a shiny one

In the games, Pokémon appear with different frequencies. However, the randomized stats of each individual creature mean that looking for a specific build in a wild Pokémon will always be much more difficult than simply finding a random member of a particular species. ApprehensiveBuy3032’s 1/26666 encounter is just an example of how probability can be affected when operating under such specific parameters. It’s especially noteworthy when compared to Shiny Pokémon’s base encounter speed, which is currently around 1/4096. This means that the Heracross ApprehensiveBuy3032 found is about 6.5 times less likely for a player to find than a Shiny Pokémon without any Shiny Hunting methods to increase the odds.

It’s worth noting that the rarity of this encounter is almost entirely due to the mechanics surrounding Hidden Grottos. For example, Heracross normally has a 50% chance of being a woman. Hidden Grottos, which guarantee that all Pokémon found in them have hidden abilities, change the gender distribution to make female Pokémon less likely to be encountered. This is because female Pokémon have the chance to pass on their abilities to any offspring, making those with hidden abilities especially valuable from a breeding perspective. In addition, the encounter rates differ between Black 2 and White 2; the first puts Heracross’ encounters at a 0.75% chance. The reduced spawn rate in Pokémon White 2 just made ApprehensiveBuy3032’s quest for a Heracross with Moxie that much harder.

It will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many pokemon fans that Shinies aren’t always the rarest kind of encounter possible in the games. Perhaps just as shocking is the fact that a Heracross of all Pokémon is the one that sees such minuscule opportunities around its appearance. ApprehensiveBuy3032 is undoubtedly a very lucky player who has been able to capture their Heracross under the circumstances. Chances of finding a Heracross in Pokémon White 2‘s Hidden Grottos are already incredibly small, but being a woman also takes this one step further. It would almost certainly be less of a problem to hunt even a disappointing Shiny Pokémon like Regice.

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Source: ApprehensiveBuy3032/Reddit

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