Pokémon Scarlet Sada Cosplay Shows Paldea Has The Coolest Professors Yet

A cosplayer has created an incredibly cool rendition of Pokemon Scarlet’s new regional professor, the prehistoric themed Professor Sada.

A cosplayer has their amazing rendition of Pokemon Scarlet and VioletProfessor Sada. Pokemon SV takes players to the Paldea region, which is inspired by Spain. While players buy it Scarlet will meet Sada, those who choose purple will meet with Professor Turo instead.

Lots of new and interesting things are coming to the latest generation of pokemon spell. Recent trailers have shown features including the ‘Let’s Go’ mechanic and picnics, as well as the generation’s signature new ‘Terastallization’ ability. A remarkable way in which pokemon Scarlet and Violet Going against the trend of previous generations is the addition of two new Pokémon Professors, one for each version. While the pokemon games have seen many differences before, including available wild Pokémon, antagonists and gym leaders, this is the first time the regional professor himself is different. In addition, neither Sada nor Professor Turo are named after trees, another broken one pokemon tradition.


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A cosplayer has brought Professor Sada to life in an incredible cosplay. Reddit user KamikoZero’s rendition of the prehistoric professor includes Sada’s beaded necklace and belt, as well as her conical hairpieces. Also visible is the fur collar of the researcher’s lab coat and her artfully torn clothing, all of which help cement Sada’s style as something inspired by prehistoric times. This follows the general theme of: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which seem to focus on the past and the future respectively. Even Sada’s name comes from the Spanish ‘pasada’, which means ‘past’. Combined with the aesthetics of Koraidon, Scarlet‘s mascot Legendary Pokémon, it seems likely that much of the knowledge explored in the game will be closely tied to the Paldea region’s past.

New Pokémon Cosplay Shows Why Scarlet and Violet’s Professors Are So Cool

As an added bonus, KamikoZero can pose with a shiny Poké Ball prop, highlighting both Sada’s status as a Pokémon professor and her place in the franchise as a whole. Naturally, pokemon as a whole is a popular series for cosplayers; there is no end of interesting characters to match, both in looks and personality. For the creative cosplayer, not only the human trainers, but also their Pokémon companions are all potential cosplays. The inhabitants of the Paldea region are already getting this treatment, which has also resulted in a new cosplay by pokemon violet‘s own professor Turo.

With cosplays from pokemon Scarlet and VioletWith the new characters being created even before the games hit shelves, it’s clear that the excitement for the titles is growing. With a steady stream of new trailers revealing more and more of what Paldea has to offer, the Pokémon Company has been able to hold the interest and excitement of fans for months. Of course, all that energy has to go somewhere, and it seems a lot of fans are choosing to manifest it in creative endeavors, including cosplay. KamikoZero’s Sada is a particularly astounding example of this and easily helps show that Paldea’s new professors are the coolest yet. This one pokemon cosplay joins others, such as an Eevee evolution group, to showcase the creativity and skills of cosplayers in recent times.

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Source: KamikoZero/Reddit

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