Pokémon Go Mega Loppany Counters, Weaknesses, and Moveset Explained

Mega Lopunny is the mega-evolution of the rabbit Pokemon, Lopunny, which was released as part of the Spring into Spring event in 2021 in pokemon go.

Like all Mega-Evolutions, Mega Lopunny cannot be caught directly in Pokémon Go. Instead, you have to keep beating it in Mega Raids until you collect enough Mega Lopunny Energy for its evolution. While this used to take about three Mega Raids to get the required amount of Mega Energy, you can often just do it in one, thanks to the 2022 Mega Raid rebalancing.

Below you’ll find Mega Lopunny’s Counters and Weaknesses to help you beat it in Pokémon Go. You’ll need to have a Lopunny in your Pokémon storage to do Mega Evolve, but don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to catch one if you can knock it out.

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Mega Lopunny Counters and Weaknesses in Pokémon Go

The fastest way to collect Mega Lopunny energy is to defeat one in Mega Raids. Below are the counters and weaknesses for Mega Lopunny to help you achieve this:

Mega Lopunny.
  • Mega Lopunny type – Fighting and normal type
  • Mega Lopunny is weak against – Paranormal, flying, fighting and fairytale
  • Mega Aggron Mega counters – Mega Latios, Mega Latias, Mega Gengar, Mega Alakazam or Mega Slowbro. Remember, you can only take one with you, and the one you bring will boost other Pokémon of the same type while it’s out during the raid, so Mega Gengar is the worst option here.
  • Mega Aggron non-mega counters – Mewtwo, Hoopa, Latios, Terrakion, Conkeldur, Moltres, Metagross and Gardevoir. Remember to make sure their attacks match the type you want to use, so a Metagross with Zen Headbutt and Psychic is actually better here than Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash. (Note: We strongly advise against TMing away Meteor Mash.)
  • Other Mega Aggron Notes – As a normal and fighting type, you have many options for counters. If you have an army of Mewtwo, you will probably take out these Mega Pokémon very soon!

Mega Lopunny CP in Pokemon Go

Below are the CP levels for battling Mega Lopunny and, if defeated, catching a Lopunny after battle in Pokémon Go:

  • Mega Lopunny Raid CP – 55,045 CP
  • CP range for catching Aggron – 1112 to 1177 CP
  • Weather (windy) when caught – 1391 to 1471 CP

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Best Mega Lopunny Move Set in Pokémon Go

Mega Lopunny can use several Fast and Charged moves in Pokémon Go. The best Mega Lopunny moves are the fighting combination of Double Kick (Fast) and Focus Blast (Recharged).

Here are the other moves Mega Lopunny can use in Pokémon Go:

Fast movements:

  • Double kick (fight)
  • Pound (Normal)
  • Low kick (fight)

Charged moves:

  • Fire blast (fire)
  • Focus Blast (fighting)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)

Lopunny, Mega Lopunny and Shiny Mega Lopunny

Everything we know about Lopunny


Lopunny is a normal-type Pokémon from Gen 4 and is the evolved form of Buneary.

According to the official Pokédex entry, “Lopunny is constantly monitoring the environment. When danger approaches, this Pokémon will respond with super-destructive kicks.”

Mega Lopunny takes this to the extreme and gains a fighting type to add STAB damage to those kicks.

It also sounds a bit more aggressive, according to its own unique Pokédex entry: “It swings its ears like whips and hits its enemies with them. It has an intensely combative character.’

Good luck beating Mega Lopunny in Pokémon Go!

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