Pokémon Gen 2’s best feature would be perfect in a Legends sequel

Everyone has a favorite pokemon game, and in the same way everyone has a favorite pokemon generation. To make each game feel fresh and unique, the developers have tried to build on the previous entry. In every new game there are new mechanics, features and of course regions and Pokémon. Of course, some of the mechanics and features have been carried over to other games in the series, such as Hatching Eggs and the Exp Share item. Many other aspects of the pokemon games have only been featured in one game. Generation II, for example, allowed players to explore the Kanto region from the first game after completing the Johto region.

In Pokémon Gold and Silver, players fight their way through the Johto region, eventually competing against the Elite Four in the Pokémon League. For most pokemon games, that would mean the end of forward progression for players, but this is not the case for Gold and Silver. After finishing the Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion in those games, the entire Kanto region of Pokémon Red and Blue is unlocked for players to explore. Players can take on any of the Kanto region’s gyms, challenge that region’s Pokémon League, and Elite Four, then take on Red from Red and Blue. Strangely enough it never came back after that pokemon games, but it would be a perfect addition to a Pokemon Legends: Arceus continuation.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the early days of the world of pokemon. In Arceus, players explore the Hisui region long before it became the Sinnoh region. Players act as scouts and investigators for the Galaxy Team, researching, scouting, and discovering new Pokémon. While no sequel has been officially announced, it would presumably take place in an entirely new region for players to discover. Of course, players will explore the region to catch Pokémon, but since this game takes place centuries before the discovery of different regions, there are probably still some regions or areas that have not been fully explored. Opening a brand new region after players are done with the base region would only add to the mystery and discovery.

Not only does this make players feel like explorers and scouts, but it will also increase the knowledge of pokemon. Naturally, pokemon has never had too deep knowledge, and it is certainly not known for its story. However, it has a ton of story threads and memorable characters that are often linked in one way or another throughout the series. Some of those threads and connections can be seen in Arceus. By adding two new regions and placing the game in the past, the developers can give reason and meaning to the technology, culture and philosophies of future games.

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Add a second region to a pokemon legends sequel would also allow developers to expand the Noble Pokémon Legends and their battles or introduce early versions of gym leaders and gym battles that appear in the main games. If gym battles are included, players can meet some ancestors of gym leaders from the other pokemon spell. The additional region would also increase the number of regional variants of Pokémon that have become a staple of the series. Obviously there are regional variants of Pokémon that have not yet been seen, but it would also allow players to see old variants that have changed as the region changed.

It is unclear whether there was ever a mention in the pokemon legends series. The next pokemon spell, Pokemon Scarlet and purple, are entries in the main sequence. While Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a big hit, Nintendo has a history of not following up on some games if the studio doesn’t feel like there’s something new or inventive to add. But with the immense success and new life that Arceus breathed into the series, it would make sense to give it a sequel. Plus, some of the most obscure games in the pokemon series have been continued.

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