Pokemon: Cutest Poison Type Pokemon

The pokemon franchise has given fans eight generations of Pokemon to catch, train, and love, all of which have designs that range from excellent to questionable. But among them, Pokemon with cuter designs are definitely popular with fans for their looks and overall charm.

Cute Pokemon exist in every type, but most of them belong to the Normal or Fairy type. But as shocking as it may sound, one type that fans wouldn’t expect to have cute Pokemon is the Poison type. Amid venomous beasts and poisonous horrors, these Pokemon are surprisingly cute despite their not-so-cute types.


9 Venonat

Bug Pokemon, like Poison types, tend to get more designs similar to what they’re based on: bugs and creepy crawlies. However, Venonat is a perfect example of being particularly cute despite a design that resembles a flea.

There’s no doubt that many see Venonat as a plague, but others may also see it as a cute puffball Pokemon that they want to cuddle. Not only do his beady red eyes make him look even cuter, but they’re useful to see at night, especially when he’s hunting prey.

8 Grimer

At first glance, Grimer may not seem conventionally cute due to his pure Poison typing and physical makeup. According to the entry of Pokedex in Pokemon Black & White 2his body is made of pure sludge, which would expel most people almost immediately.

Grimer’s cuteness lies instead in his always happy expression as it does its job. While lurking in the dirtiest places imaginable, you can’t help but find a happy Grimer on the cusp of being a little cute, even if the same can’t be said for his natural habitat.

7 coffee

Like Grimer, Koffing can also be considered cute because of his almost permanent happy expression. This is in stark contrast to his abilities; Koffing could create toxic gases in his body that are harmful to humans, so hugging is absolutely out of the question.

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The poisonous gases and typing aside, for many fans Koffing is a sweet poisonous ball who is as happy as he can be, made even more apparent by in-game features like Pokemon Amie and Pokemon Refresh. It’s only when it evolves into Weezing that it starts to get a bit miserable.

6 Gulpin

Gulpin leans towards the more conventionally cute designs seen in the pokemon series. In this case, his small, curvy physique, lazy facial expression and stubby arms serve as a way of endearing fans, even those typically averse to Poison-type Pokemon

Unlike most Pokemon of its kind, Gulpin is somewhat safe to be around as he can only eat things the same size as himself. On the other hand, trainers may want to watch out for the gases it expels, according to his Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Pokedex entry.

5 trubbish

Opinions on Trubbish’s odd design are wildly polarizing; fans love it or hate it with a passion. His Pokedex entry doesn’t do it any favors; Trubbish’s foul odor is said to be deadly to young children.

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On a more positive note, there’s no denying that Trubbish’s perky, eared ears are a sight to behold, something his evolution Garbodor completely lacks. In fact, friendship with Trubbish might be in a Pokemon Trainer’s best interest, as it’s the only way to stop him from producing his awful stench.

4 Poipole

Though it’s referred to as one of the mysterious Ultra Beasts, there’s nothing beastly about Poipole’s design, though it somewhat resembles a small, purple alien. Given the code name UB Adhesive, this Ultra Beast is capable of gleefully firing a poisonous glue into battle.

While most Ultra Beasts have no known connections with humans, Poipole is quite sociable; it is very popular with people and it has the ability to understand human speech. Surprisingly, Poipole can learn the Dragon Pulse move, which is needed to evolve into Naganadel.

3 skorupic

Skorupi was one of the many baby Pokemon introduced when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out for the first time. Like Trubbish, it might seem odd that a baby scorpion Pokemon would have a sweeter design, but Skorupi manages to pull it off.

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While scorpions are terrifying to most people, Skorupi’s small claws and large eyes give the appearance of something much more likely to run away from people rather than attack them. But beware: True to his characterization, his bites are known to infect living things with a deadly poison.

2 mareanie

At first glance, Mareanie’s appearance may seem insignificant or even confusing to some, but others may instead be drawn to his wide, constantly dazed smile, which becomes somewhat obscure when he evolves into Toxapex. Combine that with its starfish-like tentacles, and this Pokemon looks like a sweet split between a starfish and a sea urchin just begging to be cuddled.

Although Mareanie looks like a cute sea creature, his behavior is anything but cute. This sea-dwelling Pokemon is notorious for hunting Corsola. In particular, Mareanie likes to immobilize Corsola with his venom before feasting on his coral branches, although she has yet to do so with Galarian Corsola.

1 Skrelp

Like Mareanie, Skrelp is another seafaring Pokemon with poisonous properties. In fact, it and Dragalge are the only Poison-type Pokemon available in Pokemon x and y. Although it secretes liquid venom, Skrelp’s small fins and long snout give it the appearance of a baby seahorse, similar to the Pokemon Horsea.

Although the name is based on the word kelp, Skrelp is called the Mock Kelp Pokemon, confirming that it is not made up of real kelp. However, it uses its resemblance to kelp as a camouflage to protect itself and attack unsuspecting prey.

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