Pokemon: 10 Cutest Regional Shapes

Game Freak has made changes with every new entry in the Pokemon franchise. One of these additions came in the form of regional variants, which gave dozens of old Pokemon a well-deserved glow. These are monsters that have appeared in previous games, but now have changed appearance and types that are exclusive to a specific region in the world of Pokemon.

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It’s easy to figure out which Pokemon are best suited to battle and which are great defenders, but sometimes it’s more fun to put strategy aside and pick your team based on aesthetics.


10 Alolan Dugtrio

Regional variants saw their debut with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While many of these Pokemon looked pretty bizarre compared to their original forms, there were a few that were actually quite cute.

In the case of Dugtrio, it’s a matter of tossing whether you find the Pokemon cute or downright silly. The notoriously slick Dugtrio that Pokemon fans know and love has grown some luscious locks overnight. More puzzlingly, the Alolan variant somehow got a swatch typing with this hair growth.

9 Galarian Darumaka

Galarian Darumaka is experiencing some pretty major changes, with a complete design, color and type overhaul. It changes from a red-hot Fire-type Pokemon to an icy Ice-type, with the color palette changing colors.

Although Galarian Darumaka looks a lot nicer than its original form, it would be necessarymore than one color change to score higher. The Pokemon also has a disturbing frown that detracts from its otherwise charming appearance, making it look somewhat aloof.

8 Galarian Zigzagoon

Zigzagoon already looks cute with his raccoon-like appearance, but his cuteness level goes up ten notches in the Galarian variant of the Pokemon. Galarian Zigzagoon looks like a rock star, with his dark star-shaped eyeshadow, black and white color palette and tongue hanging out of his grinning mouth.

This Pokemon makes some big changes from its normal form and has a much easier and more confident appearance. While black and white aren’t necessarily cute colors, Galarian Zigzagoon wears them with style and takes on a darker character as a result.

7 Galarian Corsol

Since the basic shape of Corsola is already extremely aesthetically pleasing, it should have seemingly been hard to top that in its regional form. Somehow Game Freak has found a way to design an even better Galarian Corsola, which is all white and resembles a ghost.

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The normally happy-looking Pokemon seems to have had a rough few days in the Galar region, as his typically smiling face now bears a frown. Galarian Corsola loses his previous Water and Rock types and instead has a Ghost type to match his new appearance.

6 Alolan Raichu

Fans may find it sacrilegious to change Raichu’s design as it is the evolved form of the most iconic Pokemon of them all, Pikachu. Aside from that, Alolan Raichu offers a refreshing, softened version of this beloved Pokemon, with more rounded edges and a muted color palette.

One of the most notable differences in Alolan Raichu’s design is that the Pokemon’s once spiky lightning bolt tail is now a surfboard it rides around on. This matches the island life theme that characterizes the Alola region and enhances the Pokemon’s overall appeal.

5 Alolan Muk

It’s hard to imagine Muk, the literal embodiment of rudeness, cute in any way. Nevertheless, Alolan Muk seems to have beaten the odds, as the rainbow-like appearance makes the purple blob Pokemon go from dull to fantastic.

The design is further enhanced when the Pokemon changes color, which it does every few seconds as it sniffs around. All things considered, Alolan Muk is a great looking Pokemon and deserves to be recognized as more than just a bunch of gunk.

4 Alolan Marowak

Not only is Alolan Marowak a beautifully designed regional Pokemon, but it actually makes more sense than the standard form. Kantoan Marowak has a skull for the head and has a bone in his hand, which seems to indicate a more sinister type than the Ground type. Alolan Marowak matches the Fire and Ghost-esque aesthetic with its new look.

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Alolan Marowak looks even bolder than his standard form. The familiar leg weapon shows flames burning at both ends, and the Pokemon’s overall design has a more serious yet somehow adorable tone.

3 Galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno has one of the more drastic changes in its regional form. The name resembles the word “arctic,” which doesn’t make much sense when the regional shape’s typography changes from Ice type to Psychic type.

Regardless of this minor detail, Galarian Articuno is a beautiful Pokemon that arguably looks better than the base version. This legendary bird Pokemon displays beautiful purple plumage and generally looks much more mature than its standard form.

2 Galar Ponyta

Pokemon Sword and Shield have added a whole bunch of good regional variants. A particularly good example is Galarian Ponyta, which adds a pop of color to the previously red-hot Fire-type Pokemon.

Galarian Ponyta’s mane and tail resemble cotton candy, and the typing changes to Psychic type to get a new and less abrasive look. Fans can’t help but be impressed by the shiny Galarian Ponyta, as it dulls the bright colors that make these regional Pokemon stand out.

1 Alolan Ninetales

Few Pokemon are as elegant as Alolan Ninetales. Its wispy tail and mane is a far cry from the standard Ninetales, and it only adds to the Pokemon’s glamorous aesthetic.

Alolan Ninetales deserves a crown to match his royal aura. Since there is none available to hand out, Alolan Ninetales as a fun replacement is awarded the rank of cutest regional form currently available in the world of Pokemon.

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