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Showtime ventures into the world of vampires with Let the right one in. Based on the original Swedish film, which was based on a book, the new series will explore the relationship between a father and his vampire daughter, who is trapped forever at age twelve.

According to Deadline, the network picked up the series in September 2021, with Andrew Hinderaker as showrunner. He previously wrote episodes of Penny Terrible, pure geniusand Away. Hinderaker is an executive producer alongside Marty Adelstein (Last Man Standing, Teen Wolf), Becky Clements (Cowboy Bebop), Seith Mann (Raising Dion), with Alissa Bachner (snow piercer) and Ben Rosenblatt (10 Cloverfield Lane, Prey) as co-executive producers, Demián Bichir (Grand Hotel) as producer, and Paul Leonardo Jr. (severance pay) as a co-producer.


You never know who or what may be lurking in the shadows, so pay close attention as we share every detail about Let the right one in.

Let the right one in: the plot

With a series, there is more room to dive into the story of the original book and the two films presented. Mark (Demián Bichir) and his daughter Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez) lead different lives than most. After turning into a vampire ten years earlier, frozen forever as a child, the two had to adapt. Eleanor can only come out at night and needs human blood to survive. Her father ensures that she is adequately supplied. The showrunner has said he wanted to expand the relationship between the vampire and their caretaker in the series, as there was never room for a bigger presence in the movies.

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Twice in the teaser trailer, a voiceover says, “Find the host. Find the cure.” It looks like the series will explore the possibility that Eleanor’s vampirism can be reversed if they find the right person, either to create or provide the cure. This isn’t a plot line that was present in the movies, so that will be an interesting addition to the show.

The teaser appears to show people who aren’t Eleanor drinking blood, meaning it’s likely other vampires will make an appearance in the series. It could be elderly vampires who may be giving answers about the cure the voiceover is talking about, or individuals Eleanor accidentally turns while feeding. Variety confirmed that at least one other vampire, Peter (Jacob Buster), is in the series with a casting announcement. This vampire tries to become human again, but with disastrous results.

Variety also told that Zeke (Kevin Carroll), a friend of Mark, is aware of Eleanor’s condition. As a restaurant owner, does he help his friend get the food his daughter needs? With this information, it appears that the show is not only exploring the relationship between Eleanor and Mark, but also the relationship with others in their lives who have knowledge of vampires.

Like the two films, Eleanor will befriend a lonely child her age. The teaser doesn’t give enough information to know if their relationship will follow the way it did before, but there’s a chance the two will end up on a train with Eleanor in a trunk.

Let the right one in: the cast

​​​​​​​Demián Bichir is Mark, the father of a vampire daughter. The actor is known for his work in godzilla vs. Kong, the nun, weedsand The Hateful Eight. Madison Taylor Baez plays Eleanor, the young girl who has spent the past ten years as a vampire. She is best known for her role as young Selena in Netflix’s Selena: The Series.

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Other cast members include Anika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog, everything everything, Domestic help) as Naomi Cole, Grace Gummer​​​​​​​ (American horror story, dr. Dead) as Claire, Kevin Carroll (The living Dead, Snowfall)​​​​​​​ as Zeke Dawes, Josh Wingate (Treacherous: The Last Key, General Hospital)​​​​​​​ as Roland, Ian Foreman​​​​​​​​ (regular Joe) as Isaiah, Caroline Neff (Chicago PD) as Danielle Wilson, Jimmie Saito (The blacklist) as Ben Jones, Fernanda Andrade​​​​​​​ (Moon Knight, The Devil Inside) as Elizabeth, Michael Patrick Thornton (Private practice, the exorcist) as Father Sean, Don Darryl Rivera as Errol Valdez and Jacob Buster (Colony) as Peter.

Publication date

The premiere can be streamed from October 7, 2022.

Everything else we know

This series has been trying to hit the screens for several years now. It was initially developed for A&E in 2015, Deadline reports, before moving to TNT a year later. While the new network ordered and even cast a pilot, it was never made and the show ended up dead in the water. Shopped again and landed on Showtime with the current iteration. TNT’s version is said to be much closer to the book’s source material, which does contain some disturbing scenes between the vampire and their caretaker. However, many of these scenes did not make it into the film adaptations.

It’s not clear if other aspects of the book, such as Eleanor’s character, originally called Eli, became a eunuch after being turned into a vampire. This is implied in the Swedish film adaptation, where Eli tells their new boyfriend that despite looking like a girl, “I’m not a girl,” but might not pass into the show.

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