Boruto time-skip to cause the death of a main character

The beginning of Boruto: Naruto next generations episode 1 featured an interesting teaser, which depicted a scene far in the future with young Uzumaki and Kawaki as adults. In addition, it also showed that the Leaf Village had been decimated once again as the two went head-to-head. Although the Boruto anime continues to move forward … Read more

Best anime crossover skins, ranked

In the grand co-op concept that continues to push Fortnite forward, there are hundreds of different outfits for players to wear to show off some of their favorite franchises. The world of anime is no stranger to meeting Fortnite in epic crossovers, which is why there are many beloved skins from these franchises, especially shonen … Read more

The 10 Most Obscure Origins for Pokémon Names

The pokemon franchise has always been a fan of puns and clever names. “Pokémon” itself comes from “Pocket Monstersafter all, and the franchise still goes by that name in Japan. Portmanteaus, which means two words combined into one, is the most common type of Pokémon name. Blaziken, for example, is quite literally a “burning chicken,” … Read more

10 Shonen Anime Who Killed Their Best Characters

One of the reasons that anime remains such a versatile and popular storytelling medium is that there are so many different genres, such as shonen, to explore. Shonen anime are series aimed at a younger male demographic, usually with an emphasis on action and combat. Accordingly, shonen series are full of conflicts and grandiose clashes … Read more

Fortnite: best crossover skins, ranked

Fortnite’s perpetually sprawling world seems to be relentlessly evolving, and has spawned several franchise and brand crossovers since the Infinity Gauntlet mode way back in Season 4 of the battle royale game. There are hundreds of crossover skins for players to use in their locker, and some shine brighter than others. Whether it’s through optional … Read more