Naruto next generations? Is she stronger than code?

The Naruto franchise is not known for creating well-developed female characters. Female super villains like Delta and Kaguya don’t even come close to how well written their male counterparts like Itachi, Kabuto, and Obito are. However, the popular Shonen franchise has learned a lot from its past mistakes and has created a powerful new villain that looks much more interesting.

That super villain is the Kara organization’s clairvoyant cyborg, Eida, who has been one of the most unique characters to appear in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series ever, and it’s clear that she poses a major threat to Konoha.

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Eida Kawaki Boruto

Due to her beautiful character design, mysterious background and unique abilities, Eida has become one of the most talked about characters in the world. Narutofresh in recent months, and fans are wondering how powerful she really is, and how strong she is compared to other powerful characters like Code and Naruto.

Let’s take a closer look at what Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed about Eida so far, and see where she compares to the manga’s current central villain.

Who is Eida?

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Eida Boruto

Eida debuted in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 56, and she was introduced as a cyborg who had been cryogenically frozen for years in Boro’s hidden establishment and was one of the few cyborgs Amado had originally created to kill Jigen.

Jigen knew how dangerous Eida is, so he ordered Boro to get rid of her. Boro wasn’t immune to her mind control, though, so he kept her safe in a hidden location out of Jigen’s reach.

She has a little brother named Daemon, and both of them join Code to help him complete their mission to cultivate the Chakra tree and take revenge on Konoha.

However, Eida’s ultimate motives are still a mystery, but she clearly despises Amado for robbing her normal life. The cyborg wants to experience love like any other normal human being, and she seems to have a romantic interest in Kawaki.

There is a theory that Eida could be Amado’s dead daughter or a cyborg modeled after her. If it turns out to be true, there’s a good chance that Amado could be a major threat to Konoha, according to a theory that claims he is a villain.

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What are Eida’s powers and abilities?

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Eida Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

As with most members of Kara, Amado had modified Eida with advanced Scientific Ninja Tools. She has the ability to make anyone – man or woman – irresistibly in love with her. Even the mighty Code was captivated by her charms and has become like her puppet.

With the exception of relatives and Otsutsuki, her presence can instantly make anyone fall in love with her so much that they lose the will to hurt her, and according to Amado, it is impossible to escape once they are caught in her charms. Despite having such a powerful gift, it felt like a curse to Eida because he would never find a true lover.

Eida also has the power of Senrigan – the ability to perceive everything that is currently happening in the world and everything that has happened in the past, right up to the time she was born. In boruto Chapter 70, Eida activates her Senrigan on her left eye, and Shikimaru looks surprised to see her eye change.

Thanks to her Senrigan power, Eida knows that Naruto and the others are trapped outside because Shikimaru “told a colleague” to lock the lab door to protect them from her inescapable crush jutsu.

Amado explained to Shikimaru telepathically that this ability is called “Senrigan”, which allows her to see what is happening around the world, and it is not limited to current events so that she can view past events. “That means you can’t hide from her for the most part,” says the former Kara scientist. She also uses this power to find out that Kawaki is on her way to the lab.

She claims she can only use taijutsu, but Amado noted that her combat skills surpass Jigen’s. However, the full extent of its powers is still unknown. In Chapter 71Eida relies on Daemon to stop Code from killing Amado, suggesting that her combat skills are limited.

Is Eida stronger than Code of Naruto?

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Eida Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Now that we know Eida’s powers, the main question is whether she is superior to other powerful characters such as Code, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Since we still don’t know the full potential of Eida’s powers or Code’s powers, it’s still hard to estimate how strong she really is.

Before we can compare her power level with Code, we must remember that Code has received additional modifications as limiters to curb his enormous power that he has obtained from the White Kāma. Even with his limiters in place, Code is apparently still one of the stronger Inners of Kara, even if stronger than Delta.

Based on what the manga series has revealed so far, it looks like Code is still potentially more powerful than Eida in terms of brute force. And now that limiters have been revoked by Amado, as seen in the last scene of Chapter 70, it seems Code has gotten even more powerful, so it’s likely Eida’s power level isn’t anywhere near Code’s. .

However, boruto might surprise us in future chapters, so this may change.

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Is Eida more powerful than Naruto?

Now let’s compare Eida’s strength level to Naruto’s: since Eida is known for her powerful charms and information gathering, it’s clear that her combat skills are no match for Naruto or Sasuke, so in terms of strength, Naruto is far superior to Eida, even without Kurama, the Nine-tailed Fox.

Naruto’s Sage Mode can easily dominate Eida in a fair fight like he did in his battle against Delta. However, a fair fight can be impossible when it comes to fighting Eida, as her power to make enemies (except blood relatives and Otsutsuki) fall in love with her will render their raw powers useless as they cannot control their bodies to keep her from hurting her. to do. As Shikimaru said in Chapter 69even Naruto and Sasuke are immune to her powers.

What are the keys to defeating Eida?

The almighty Eida has unique, powerful abilities that are unstoppable by brute force alone. Once her enemies are trapped in her abilities, they can no longer escape. Her Senrigan ability also makes it nearly impossible to hide secrets from her, but it seems Ino’s telepathic ability can hide Shikimaru’s communication with Amado in Chapter 70.

In boruto Chapter 57After Code frees Eida in the Kara organization’s secret hideout, she reveals the limits of her powers. She explains that although her crush ensnares both men and women, it does not affect Ōtsutsuki and blood relatives. While this is a major weakness, it is also something she wants to use to make herself happy. She wants to have a real romantic relationship with Kawaki.

In boruto Chapter 70Amado Reveals The Limit Of Her Infatuation Power to Shikimaru, who reacts angrily to the scientist for not sharing this crucial information earlier.

As far as we know, the series didn’t introduce a kinsman to Eida, so it should be Naruto or Kawaki who should take her down. If the theory that Amado could be her father turns out to be true, the mysterious scientist will be able to kill her, but why would he kill his own daughter, especially if it turns out he’s a villain?

Since Eida is more interested in Kawaki, it is likely that he will be the one who will end her life, but at the moment there are no clear answers to Eida’s possible demise.

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