Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71 Spoilers, Release Date & Time, Where To Read

Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsthe popular monthly shonen series from creator Masashi Kishimoto and artist Mikio Ikemoto, returns in June 2022 with a new chapter. Chapter 70titled From the bottom of my heartended in a huge cliffhanger, fans are left wondering about the fate of one of the Shonen’s most mysterious characters, Amado.

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Amado Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Here’s everything you need to know about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71, including spoilers, previews, release date/time, and information about where to read the final chapter:

When will boruto Chapter 71 be released?

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Boruto code

Update: boruto Chapter 71 is now available to read on MangaPlus and Viz Media.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71 is set to arrive at Monday 20 June.

The latest chapter is expected to be released Friday at midnight JST.

If this release time is correct, the English translations for Chapter 71 should be released online at the following times, but they may be released earlier.

Pacific Time: Monday, June 20, 9:00 a.m.

Central Time: 11 a.m. on Monday 20 June

Eastern Time: 12 noon on Monday, June 20

UK time: Monday 20 June 5pm

boruto Chapter 71 Spoilers: Is Amado Still Alive?

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Boruto Amado

Code and Eida succeeded in completing their mission when they infiltrated Konohagakure: kidnap former Kara scientist Amado so Code can have his restrictions revoked to unlock his full power.

The final scene of Chapter 70 showed that Amado apparently removed the limiters from Code, and while the bad guy hovers, says he feels like he can’t lose to anyone. But now that Code was already using Amado for this purpose, he planned to kill him. Code raised his claw and prepared to kill Amado, but before we get to see what happened next, the chapter came to an end.

Chapter 71 is expected to reveal whether Amado actually survived Code’s attack. If the scientist manages to survive, the chapter will likely make a big reveal about him. there is already a theory that claims that Amado is actually a villain, and we’ve already seen hints that support this theory. The final chapter could also reveal whether Eida is actually the daughter of Amadoor modeled after her.

Update: Big spoilers for boruto Chapter 71 have already been leaked, revealing that Daemon is interfering with Code’s attempt to kill Amado. According to spoiler details leaked online, Daemon and Eida turn against Code and Daemon starts fighting Code. Bug says that Daemon only needs his palm to touch an enemy to reflect attacks.

Update: That boruto Chapter 71 is out, here are important spoiler details:

Just before Code is about to give Amado the final blow with his claw, Amado tells Ada he has something to say about Kawaki. Code stops the attack and Eida asks how Kawaki is. Amado tells her that Kawaki is the “Ace up my sleeve”.

Eida asks Amado what he means, and Code says Amado is just taking some time off. Eida tells Code not to interrupt him because she is talking to him. Code says this is stupid and asks Eida to buy Amado’s murmurs. Code says Amado is also on his Retribution List.

Then, suddenly, Eida calls Daemon, and her brother prevents Code from killing Amado. Code notices that his intent to kill is reflected. Eida asks Code if he intended to kill her little brother, and Code says it’s a terrible accusation, as she was the one who fired the first shot.

Eida tells Code that she warned him earlier that if he becomes a hindrance to them, she must get rid of him. Amado tells Code that Eida has now received an invitation from Konoha to get close to Kawaki, and if she interacts with Code, they will ruin their chances.

Code tells Amado to shut it down and says he’s trying to trick Eida into “throwing him to the wolves”, but it’s not going to work. Amado says he’s just telling the truth. Code tries to attack Amado again, but Daemon stops him again. Daemon asks Code if he’s stupid, and when his big sister says “don’t,” he has to stop.

Meanwhile, in Konoha, Shikimaru explains to Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto about Eida’s enchanting powers. He explains that Amado said there are several androids that surpassed Jigen’s strength, and Eida is one of them, but Eida is not Code’s only companion.

Shikimaru explains that Code called in someone else to protect himself when he was cornered, and that he is sure there is at least one other enemy cyborg.

Back to the Kara hideout: Code tells Eida that Daemon is acting strangely and that she needs to do something. Eida tells Code that she’s grateful she set her free and that’s why she helped him regain his power. She says they should stop for now and put an end to this.

Code asks Eida if she’s kidding, tells her he loves her from the bottom of his heart, and asks her if she still needs his strength. Eida says, “No, thanks. I don’t care about your selfish attitude. Whether your feelings are real or not, I’ve had enough.’

Daemon says he will protect Big Sister from everyone, and Code says Eida only needs one knight – him. Amado, Daemon and Eida look surprised when they hear what Code has said. Eida says Code is terrifying her.

Code tells Daemon that they need to clarify once and for all who the real impediment is. Bug tells Code to watch out for Daemon’s palms and explains that “only when he touches others with his hands are actions reflected”.

Eida calls Bug a jerk. Eida could read Bug’s mind as to why he was informing Code: Bug thinks this is best, because they could destroy each other in the end.

Code tries to attack Daemon with his claw, but Daemon dodges, and he tells Code about what he said earlier, that he couldn’t lose anyone. Daemon says it’s hilarious that Code said that.

Daemon attacks Code, but he can teleport with his Claw Mark. Code appears behind Daemon and tries to attack him with his claw, and Daemon responds with a kick in the face and throws Code against the wall. Daemon says Code seems stronger than Jigen, so neither Hokage nor Uchiha should be a problem for him. Daemon says second or third doesn’t matter to number one – him.

Code teleports close to Bug, and Eida asks if he runs away, and that she won’t chase him until he gets in their way. Eida warns him that she can see everything so she can kill him, if justified. Code tells them that he has a mission to cultivate a divine tree and obtain its chakra fruit to become a new Ohtsutsuki, and that once he becomes one, Eida’s ability will have no effect on him anymore .

Daemon rushes to attack Code again, but he can count away with Bug. Daemon calls Code a mad psychopath.

Eida tells Amado that not only was he able to survive that crisis, he was also able to separate her and Code. Amado asks Eida if she thought it was a great opportunity to take out Code. Eida says she just wants to hear the rest of his story, and she won’t mind killing him if that turns out to be a bluff.

Amado says that Kawaki is the ace up his sleeve, and that it’s not a bluff. Daemon rides on top of Amado and Eida tells the scientist that her brother would like to kill him if he doesn’t start explaining it.

Amado explains that Kawaki has regained Karma while also inheriting Isshiki’s abilities, so his power will likely continue to grow, and he says there is no one in Konoha right now who can oppose Kawaki’s power, including the Hokage, except he.

Eida asks if Amado has planted anything else in Kawaki, and he says he placed a unique emergency stop command code that only he can use. Amado went on to say that Konoha’s job is to manage Kawaki, but this also affects other villages, so this means they have no choice but to rely on him.

Eida asks why Amado didn’t give him a stop feature in the first place, and Amado says Jigen forbade it. It was unacceptable for Jigen to implant such a feature in his precious vessel. Amado says the shutdown feature is just insurance to protect his position in the village. However, his real goal is different, and that Kawaki’s Karma is needed to achieve it.

Eida tells Amado to spill or she will kill him. Amado says he will talk, but it’s a long story, and it’s something he needs to tell Konoha too. Amado asks Eida if she can wait until they get there. This could possibly confirm that theory claiming that Amado is actually a villain.

Amado tells her to accept Shikimaru’s offer so she can move to Konoha and build a relationship with Kawaki. Amado tells them not to worry about Daemon as he will mediate and he will tell them about Daemon as well.

Code and Bug are with Konoha’s main statues, and Bug asks Code why he brought him there. Code says he saved him, and it’s better than leaving him there to die. Code says it’s Kawaki’s fault from start to finish, asking how he ended up as a legitimate craft and why he can’t be. Code says Eida took everything from him. Code says he will kill Kawaki, the Hokage, his friends and the Konoha village.

Where to read? boruto Chapter 71?

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Boruto Chapter 71

you can read boruto Chapter 71 on Viz Media and Manga Plus as soon as it comes out. Viz Media lets you read the first three and last three chapters for free, but if you want access to all the chapters, you’ll need to subscribe to a Shonen Jump membership, which costs just $1.99 per month. MangaPlus also lets you read the last chapter for free, but you also need a subscription.

Note that MangaPlus is available worldwide except in China, Japan and South Korea which already have their own services including: Shonen Jump+, the original Japanese service.

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