My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date & Time, Spoilers

After Bakugo’s heart is torn to shreds, the villains come in My Hero Academia start to gain the upper hand over the heroes! With Dabi and All For One returning to power, the remaining heroes must defend the humans! Will the villains finally be able to fulfill their dream? My Hero Academia Chapter 364?

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My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Summary

Bakugo has fallen and his apparent demise has made Neito Monuma ponder Bakugo’s words during the joint training battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B.

Back then, Bakugo swore and promised to achieve absolute victory every time and that the strong would not settle for less!

Unfortunately, Bakugo’s time seems to be up as Best Jeanist confirms that he has no heartbeat and his heart is torn to shreds. As a result, Lemillion is seen in the background furious after failing to protect Bakugo.

Now Lemillion is more determined than ever to stop Shigaraki from harming his allies until Deku arrives.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki mocks Tomura Eraserhead for giving Bakugo so much responsibility.

Tomura claims that Eraserhead was responsible for Bakugo’s downfall and that he was disappointed in him as a teacher. He also taunts everyone by asking who will be the next hero to die.

When Tomura says this, he grabs Mirko, who he believes will be Deku’s next welcome gift. Mirko remembers the Paranormal Liberation War and how she could have killed Tomura. None of this would have happened if she had been faster.

In response, Tomura told Mirko that she is just one of the stupid Pro-Heroes who deserved to die after endangering the students. Tomura also emphasized that she is a failure just like the other heroes who have no concrete plans to stop the villains.

To the horror of Todoroki and Iida, Dabi regains consciousness in Kamino. He revealed that, as a last resort, he managed to copy Todoroki’s ultimate move, Phosphor, just before being buried in ice.

Todoroki witnessed Dabi’s superior firepower after burning Kido and Onima. After all, Dabi went out of his way to hone his Blue Flame quirk through his extraordinary sense of combat and crazy obsession.

Dabi then called Skeptic through the High End-Nomu. He informed Skeptic of Endeavour’s location. Endeavor appears to be in the ruins of Gunga Mountain Villa, where he is currently battling All For One.

Meanwhile, Tomura continues his monologue about Deku’s pragmatic decision to rush things because the villains don’t have enough time to prepare. However, all their efforts were in vain.

Skeptic manages to take control of Feel Good Inc.’s satellites. to get back into his hiding place. He claims the company tried to get him out but he outsmarted them. He also wholeheartedly supported Tomura Shigaraki’s plans.

Skeptic vows to support Tomura to realize Re-Destro’s dream of a world without discrimination based on people’s idiosyncrasies, and that the only way to seize power is to achieve true freedom. In this world there will be no heroes or villains!

Back at the UA Flying Fortress, Mandalay’s command team discovered a hacker trying to breach the system.

The Skeptic, it turns out, is the hacker who takes ultimate responsibility for wiping out the old ways in the emerging new world.

The Todoroki family, on the other hand, watches Komari Ikoma as she tries to warn the students of Masegaki Primary School about a possible villain in the underground bunker.

However, the students assured her that everything would be fine because Todoroki, Bakugo and the others would never lose. However, the All for One spies are preparing to act in the background.

Endeavor and Keigo Takami are impressed after seeing the nearly fully restored All For One before the chapter ends.

They both shudder when All for One declares that things will never be the same. The villains will finally be able to fulfill their lifelong ambitions!

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 will be released for international regions on Sunday, August 28, 2022. In Japan, the new chapter will be released on Monday, August 29, 2022.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 will be available to read on Manga Plus, Viz and the Shonen Jump app.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Release Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 will be released in Japan on Monday, August 29, 2022 at noon JST. Depending on your location, the new chapter will be released at these times:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM on Sunday
  • Central time: Sunday 11:00 am
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 on Sunday
  • UK time: Sunday 5pm

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 is expected to reveal more about Bakugo’s apparent demise and the reactions of other heroes, especially Deku.

If Bakugo could be saved, the best time would be now. If only someone could use a quirk that would allow Best Jeanist to immediately transport Bakugo to Eri’s abode before it’s too late!

Additionally, now that Dabi has returned from the dead, Shoto and Iida will try to prevent him from doing any more damage in their current state.

At the same time, hacking Skeptic into the UA system will cause problems for all heroes, not just Mandalay.

Worse, the full recovery of All for One will result in even more destruction on the side of Endeavor and Hawks.

Will it be the triumph of the villains over the heroes? Stay tuned for new updates on My Hero Academia Chapter 364!

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