More Than Harmon traits should hit Fortnite alongside Rick and Morty

After with more characters from Rick and Morty in the item shop, more Dan Harmon features and Fortnite collaborations may be in the offing. During Fortnite’s five-year tenure, there have been a significant number of pop culture crossovers with one of the most recent collaborations being Rick and Morty. With each passing season, the show seems to be growing in popularity, leading to crossovers with fast food chains and the addition to the battle pass for Chapter 2 Season 7 in August 2021. Rick and Morty isn’t the only feature Harmon has popularized, though, such as: Community and HarmonQuest have their own cult following. To do this, tap Harmon Rick and Morty collaboration not only provides more skins, but should also lead to more locations.


Dan Harmon is partially responsible for creating Rick and Mortyand has written and produced many different properties, most notably Community, HarmonQuestand Monster house. While each franchise is set in different environments, each pays a unique tribute to video games. Community has had a great deal of involvement in gaming. From Abed and Troy referencing their love of video games during an 8-bit game storyline in Community season 3, episode 20, “Digital Estate Planning.” Monster house features an iconic arcade scene, where the GameZone bully ‘Skull’ steals candy from DJ and his friends. HarmonQuestthat films in live-action and animation, is inspired by Dungeons and Dragonsundoubtedly matching Fortnite’s art design.

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Dan Harmon’s traits would work well in a video game environment

Fortnite has no problem working with returning employees. The John Wick franchise, miracleand DC Comics all contributed multiple characters from their catalogs to appear in them Fortnite. Were not alone Rick and Morty added cosmetics to the battle pass, but they also played a big part in the promotion of chapter 2 season 7, which is certainly a sign of Epic Games’ love for the Harmon property. Hopefully this opens up the opportunity for more collaborations between Fortnite and Harmon, On October 18, 2021, Queen Summer and Mr. Meseeks added both as skins to the item shop. The additions don’t have to end with cosmetic skins, though, as each Dan Harmon takes place in vastly different settings that can serve as in-game locations.

Most of Harmon’s properties are well suited to video games and are often inspired by the genre as a whole. Community is full of references to pop culture media, which would make adding Troy & Abed or the entire Greendale campus to the battle royale a match made in heaven. HarmonQuest relies heavily on fantasy, and adding Fondue Zoobag to the item shop, played by Dan Harmon himself, would certainly be a treat.

The island’s recent update includes Fortnitemares, where the Monster house would be a great addition to Greasy Grove or Grim Gables as Halloween is just around the corner. Fortnite annually offers holiday-themed locations and weapons for the island, so leaning in Monster house would have made sense now.

Each of these Dan Harmon traits would provide a new set of skins for players to enjoy as there is a shared audience. Fortnite has only grown in popularity over the years, leading to more properties partnering with it, so partnering with Harmon again would provide a nice variety. Crossovers are a big part of what is made Fortnite stand out, an additional Dan Harmon crossover might be ripe.

Fortnite is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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